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5 things that deter potential applicants for your roles

Even following all of the most obvious – and less obvious – advice from recruitment companies like Webrecruit doesn’t always land you that dream candidate for your open position. Sometimes, good people just don’t seem to be applying for your vacancy at all – so what could be going wrong? It could be that you’re ...more

4 Ways HR and Marketing Can Work Together to Build a Great Employer Brand

With competition for talent at an all-time high and unemployment at its lowest since records began, UK businesses are having to work harder than ever to attract great candidates. And what’s the main factor that will influence a candidate to want to work for you? Your reputation as an employer. Talent leaders know just how ...more

5 Ways to Attract Talent in a Small Town

Recruiting the staff and skill-sets that your business needs can be challenging; however, if you live in a small town or a rural location, attracting talent can be even more difficult. Roles based in larger cities tend to attract more candidates – this is simply because these locations have a larger population and salaries tend ...more

Newsflash: salespeople aren’t motivated by money alone

One of the oldest and most widely held ‘truths’ in the world of managed recruitment is that salespeople are motivated largely or principally by money. Alas, however much this claim may have been true in the past, it doesn’t stack up very well these days. With one recent analysis suggesting that as many as four-fifths ...more

3 ways to get new employees quickly hired and up to speed

If more than three weeks regularly pass at your company between making the decision to employ someone new and actually hiring someone, this urgently needs to be addressed – to say nothing of how poor onboarding can also make it hard to get your new employees quickly productive. Overly lengthy recruitment and onboarding processes mean ...more

7 of the best questions for employers to ask at interview

One of the biggest influences on your organisation’s ability to find great talent is what you ask at interview. Here are just seven of the most effective questions. 1. “What’s your personal brand?” This question tests the candidate’s self-awareness and the extent to which they may have already developed a distinctive online or workplace persona. ...more

How to nurture Millennials and Gen Zs in your workplace

More and more Millennials and Gen Zs are entering the labour market – in fact, many analysts believe they will make up 50% of the workforce by 2050. For that reason, it’s wise to adopt every measure possible to satisfy such workers’ needs. After all, it’s not just recruiting these young people that you should ...more

3 Ways for Non-Profit Organisations to Attract Talent

Charities and non-profits are under an increasing amount of pressure to attract top talent to their organisations. With cuts to government funding, charities now have to rely mainly on their employees and volunteers to help them generate income. However, these cuts also mean that recruitment budgets are limited and the salaries on offer in the ...more

10 Reasons Why Your Recruitment Advertising Campaign Isn’t Working

You’re mid-way through your latest recruitment advertising campaign and you’re struggling to attract any suitable candidates. What’s going wrong? When hiring for a new member of staff, there are a number of factors that can affect the outcome of your recruitment campaign. If you find that you’re not getting the response that you need, it’s ...more

How employee engagement on social media can help when recruiting staff

Social media no doubt provides one of the most effective ways to get people to engage with your brand, and it should form a key part of any 21st-century marketing strategy. However, while your business might spend thousands creating branded posts, you should not overlook the benefits of encouraging your employees to help out by ...more

How a chatbot can make for more effective online recruitment

Potential candidates love finding out more about the company for which they could one day be working, and it’s important for an employer to have a means of accommodating this demand. Installing a chatbot on the recruitment page of your website is an easy and cost-effective way to engage with talented individuals hoping to land ...more

4 Key Areas of Your Recruitment Advertising Campaigns You Need to Get Right

Are you struggling to attract the candidates that your business needs? If so, it’s worth re-evaluating certain aspects of your recruitment advertising campaigns. A successful recruitment advertising campaign comprises a selection of different components; however, we’ve drilled it down to four main areas that you should be focusing on to maximise your chance of attracting ...more

What interview questions should you ask to tease out your candidates’ ‘soft skills’?

Your hiring process shouldn’t be focused solely on the more specialised aspects of the role for which you are recruiting. For example, as qualified as someone could seemingly be for your vacancy and however knowledgeable they may be about your company’s operations, they may still falter in a team-oriented environment or lack the necessary leadership ...more

Why a dedicated employee engagement strategy is crucial

It doesn’t matter how many people tell you otherwise – managing a team of people will always be tough. You certainly can’t leave such major things as productivity and morale to chance – instead, you need to have a dedicated employee engagement strategy to ensure that your workers continue to feel sharp and excited about ...more

Employee engagement? It all starts with recruitment

As any good management team knows, employee engagement is essential. By ensuring that your workforce is well-aligned to your organisation’s goals, values and objectives, you will be able to ensure greater motivation and productivity from your employees, while reducing absenteeism and employee turnover. However, it takes time to build a high level of employee engagement, ...more

5 ways to ensure that more of your employees stick around

Losing an important member of your workforce can be a major blow. Not only do you have to say goodbye to a high-performing employee, but there is the added difficulty of recruiting and training another employee up to the same standard. However, high employee turnover is avoidable, and the key is to protect against it ...more

4 Tips to Help Charities Reduce Their Hiring Costs

Charities and not-for-profit organisations within the UK have lost more than £3.8 billion in government grants over the past 10 years. As such, HR departments within charities are under a great deal of pressure to reduce the cost of their recruitment, while still attracting high quality candidates. This means that teams are often stretched and ...more

5 tips for recruiting the ideal employee

No one ever said that finding the right employee for your organisation was always easy. For example, while you may wish to follow the standard recruitment procedures that have long been proven to bring success, you will also probably wish to encourage diversity and find a candidate who stands out. Fortunately, the tried-and-tested techniques we ...more

Back to Basics: Job Adverts

Writing effective job adverts is a skill that can take a while to master. And while HR professionals know that job adverts are important, many simply lack the time to spend refining their advertising. Webrecruit’s aim is to make things a bit easier. We’ve previously written lots of blog posts about constructing job adverts – ...more

3 Tips to Help You Refine Your Job Board Selection

When it comes to evaluating your recruitment advertising strategy, using an effective mix of job boards and other online advertising sources is vital. With such a huge variety of job boards, aggregators, social media sites and other online platforms available, selecting the right sources can seem like a minefield. So, where should you start? We’ve ...more