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What factors will influence how much your employees are paid?

Deciding on the appropriate level of pay for each of your workers can be a tricky task indeed. After all, your employees will need to be paid a certain amount if they aren’t to stray in the direction of other companies. However, you also can’t afford to pay more than your business’s budget allows. So, ...more

To succeed in recruitment today, you need to think like a marketer

There may have been a time when your HR department simply being good at locating talent and filling its talent pools to the brim was enough to ensure it always landed the best candidates. But of course, things change, and the current environment is one in which candidates are often the ones in control. That’s ...more

3 onboarding approaches that help, rather than harm employee retention

So your carefully honed recruitment process management has done the trick, the perfect candidate has come through the interview with flying colours and they’re now ready to start working for you. What’s next? What’s next is employee onboarding, which shouldn’t be a mere afterthought. Indeed, how you handle this process could make or break your ...more

5 ways to write better job descriptions

If you are to get the right candidates in the interview room, you’ll need to appeal to those candidates in the right way. That’s why the writing of the most informative and compelling job descriptions is such a key part of online recruitment. Here are just some of the techniques you should try to give ...more

What are the best strategies for attracting graduates?

We’re rushing headlong to that time of year again, when final-year university students are looking to the future and recruitment agencies are rushing to be first in line for prime talent. Nor should that exactly be surprising – after all, young graduates are often hungry to get on that first rung of the ladder to ...more

How do you get candidates interested in a mundane job?

Sometimes, you may fear that there are certain openings at your company with which even the most sophisticated recruitment advertising agency can’t help you. They’re just too lame, uninteresting low-paying jobs, to which all of the usual talk about employer branding and candidate personas may seem barely applicable. The good news is that there are ...more

One of your key players just quit! What now?

A valuable employee opting to leave your company is probably the last thing you need. Understandably, you may be disappointed or even aggrieved at their decision. Ultimately, though, life goes on, and you need to have a plan as to what happens next. Ask any number of recruitment companies, and they’ll tell you that your ...more

Here’s what your firm needs to know about Generation Z

One of the big things that recruitment experts across the globe have to grapple with, is the matter of how they can best target and cater to the needs of jobseekers of certain generations. This, in turn, can understandably lead to a fair bit of stereotyping. Consider those who can be described as the ‘post-Millennial’ ...more

Are you doing enough to make your best employees want to stay around?

If there’s one advantage of a carefully managed recruitment approach that – in some ways – can be a bit of a disadvantage, it’s that you could end up with an employee who’s almost a bit too good. We’re sure you know what kind of staffer we mean. We’re referring to the true ‘rock star’ ...more

So you have two amazing candidates… how can you choose between them?

Even when your firm works with the very best recruitment agency and uses the most suitable hiring software, it’s not impossible to end up with two highly capable candidates who seem evenly matched. In a situation like this, you will need to act fast to snap up at least one of these fantastic candidates. So, ...more

3 things that you need to do when recruiting staff

The recruitment of new employees is a necessarily multi-faceted process – doing things the same old familiar ways, drawing upon the same old staff with the same old skills, likely won’t deliver your company the great hiring results that you need to get ahead in your industry. So, here are just three things that you ...more

Why Millennials are often far from ‘lazy’

It’s a terrible thing when you have your eye on a potentially great talent for your company, only to suddenly start feeling doubt due to certain unfortunate stereotypes. Oh, they’re young and trendy, and they were tapping away at their smartphone while in the waiting room for their job interview – will they be lazy, ...more

5 of the best signs of ‘candidate fit’

If, like many an employer, you’ve worked with a fair few recruitment agencies in your time, the likelihood is that you will have also talked to them a lot about ‘candidate fit’. It’s often said that you should ‘hire for fit, train for skills’, and it’s not a bad philosophy for your company to have. ...more

Why are your top employees quitting on you?

Statistics have consistently pointed to a high level of discontent in the UK workforce; one survey a few years ago by the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF), for instance, found that 47% of respondents wished to change their jobs, with more than a fifth of them interested in doing so within 12 months. ...more

Are your hiring techniques harming, rather than helping diversity?

We’re sure you won’t need us to wax lyrical to you about why you should adopt every possible measure to make your workforce more diverse – after all, we’ve written extensively on this subject before. But are your own company’s hiring practices aiding its efforts to boost diversity, or causing inadvertent harm? Here are several ...more

5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Be Using Facebook to Recruit

It’s no secret that social media is used regularly within the recruitment process; in fact, 84% of companies recruited using social media last year. LinkedIn is usually the preferred choice of social networks for recruiters to source candidates, as Facebook and Twitter can seem intrusive; typically, they’re designed for personal use, whereas LinkedIn is a ...more

When is the time to pay attention to recruitment marketing?

Whatever your company’s sector, it’s understandable that if you have very few employees – let’s say, 10 to 20 – you won’t want to spend a huge amount of money on recruitment advertising. Sure, you want to find the right people for your vacancies, but when your firm is still small and growing, it’s in ...more

3 things that do nothing to encourage candidates

Even the most diligently managed recruitment approach might not bring great results for your firm if you make amateurish mistakes that turn away the best talent instead of attracting it. You may imagine that your own company would never do such a thing – surely, your hiring woes are more because of a lack of ...more

What are Millennials looking for in a role with you?

If your firm is looking to attract young professionals, you won’t necessarily get far by adhering to a Generation X mentality. Millennials are therefore the generation to which you need to be tailoring your recruitment strategy. In the corporate space, they also often have very different priorities to their Baby Boomer and Gen X predecessors; ...more

10 Quick Tips to Instantly Improve Your Job Adverts

Writing a clear and effective job advert is the first step to a successful recruitment advertising campaign. Mastering the art of your advertising can bring a plethora of benefits to your recruitment strategy; you’ll be able to attract candidates quicker, which will in turn reduce your time-to-hire and advertising costs. Additionally, a well-written job advert ...more