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Should you hire a lead generation specialist to assist with your recruitment strategy?

With the job market becoming more crowded than ever before, the importance of generating high-quality candidate leads has never been more important. Employers need to be able to quickly and easily find the right candidates for the vacancies they have, without having to trawl through hundreds of unsuitable applicants. Lead generation is a resource-heavy exercise. ...more

Webrecruit’s recruitment software empowers your firm to slash its hiring spend

It’s likely that your HR team will already utilise many strands in its efforts to capture and engage the most talented candidates in your organisation’s sector. But how can you be sure of the recruitment approaches that are working best for you? Don’t waste a massive chunk of your yearly hiring budget on tools and ...more

How transparency-boosting software can aid your business’s success

“Transparency” has become one of the most familiar corporate buzzwords of recent times, and it’s about so much more than bosses and employees simply maintaining open lines of communication. A business with a high degree of transparency is one in which team leaders, grassroots employees and even the public can get an easy overview of ...more

How the right recruitment software can help to give you a more stable workforce

The workplace is changing, which creates a great need for employers to adapt. There is now a greater tendency for employees to work on a remote, temporary or contract basis, which brings new challenges as far as your firm’s staff recruitment and retention efforts are concerned. Now may be the time to upgrade your recruitment ...more

4 Fundamental Requirements Your ATS Needs to Fulfil

Assessing applicant tracking systems can be difficult; many systems have crossover features, some require a hefty investment and some are more moderately priced. With so much choice on the market, things can get overwhelming. As such, it’s important to keep your business’ requirements at the forefront of your mind at all times. However, before starting ...more

5 ways to find employees that make a difference

Finding an employee that will make a long-lasting difference to your organisation isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Of course, training and development can play a crucial role in the effectiveness of your workforce, but starting out by hiring the right employees is essential. To assist you in finding the right candidates for your ...more

2 powerful ways to improve your candidate experience

It should go without saying that the delivery of a positive candidate experience is one of the most crucial parts of the recruitment process. Not only will you want to get the best out of potential hires during this process, but you will also want them to enjoy the experience and associate your brand with ...more

Why should you incorporate video into your hiring process?

For the jobseekers of 2016, there has seemingly never been a greater number of different ways to find vacancies. Whether through word-of-mouth, job search engines, career pages, professional networks or social media, candidates can find positions online more conveniently and effectively than ever before. The benefits for recruiters are endless. Using such technologies has allowed ...more

Why your hiring approach must reflect your company culture

Your company culture is an essential part of your business operation. Many companies proudly emphasise their values and ethos through their business branding, website and customer service, only to fail to extend the same approach to their recruitment. When making the decision to apply for a job, candidates understandably want to know exactly what awaits ...more

The Dos and Don’ts of Building an Effective Online Application Form

An embedded online application form can deliver a much more positive candidate experience than having to fill out paper-based forms. As the entire application is completed within one handy portal, the online recruitment process is much more streamlined and is often quicker for candidates (especially if they are applying for their next role on the ...more

Is Your Candidate Experience Up to Scratch?

Providing a positive candidate experience is important; most businesses recognise this. However, unless you have a dedicated in-house recruitment function, it can be difficult for HR professionals to find the time to provide updates and feedback to every single candidate who applies for a vacancy. Delivering a positive candidate experience is crucial as it can ...more

5 Things That Need to Be On Your Careers Page

A careers page is an excellent tool to help give your candidate attraction strategy a boost. Careers pages are slightly different to careers sites (read about the difference in our blog, 5 Differences Between a Careers Page and a Careers Site) but their overarching purpose is the same; to act as a destination for jobseekers ...more

6 methods for assessing talent – how effective are they?

Finding suitable talent for your open position isn’t always easy. Although suit-and-tie interviews do work, it may be time for your organisation to consider investing in recruitment technology or employing new assessment techniques. Below, we’ve rounded up six of the most popular methods of talent assessment and determined whether we think they are effective for ...more

5 Reasons Why SMEs Should Be Using Recruitment Software

When discussing recruitment software, one of the most common objections we hear from HR departments is that their business isn’t large enough to justify the investment. It’s understandable; when you think of an applicant tracking system (ATS), the image of a daunting, costly, enterprise level system might spring to mind. However, it’s worth remembering that ...more

These 3 things are stressing your employees out

Stress is normal in the workplace, but if your workers are in low-paid positions or they are customer-facing, they are more likely to suffer from certain stress factors that could have a negative impact on your business and its performance. High stress levels are bad for morale, productivity and retention, not to mention profitability, so ...more

5 Ways an ATS Can Help You Hire More Efficiently

Are you under pressure to recruit staff, faster? If recruitment isn’t one of your main tasks but still manages to suck up a large amount of your time, you’re not alone. Many HR professionals struggle with the excess administration that often comes with recruiting and, when tasked with reducing your time to hire, it can ...more

4 Mistakes to Avoid Making In Your Recruitment Software Demo

Recruitment software demonstrations are important; they’re your chance to view the functionality of a system and see how easy it is to use. These demos are a great chance for you to sit down and talk about your initial thoughts and queries with a potential supplier. As such, it’s important to get the most value ...more

How should your small business approach pre-hire assessments?

Small businesses are the businesses that can least afford their hiring process to go wrong, which is precisely why so many of them are investing in online recruitment software like our own renowned Fusion package. However, there’s something else that will help your small firm to immediately pick out the right candidate for its vacancy, ...more

Could recruitment software one day replace your hiring team?

Is there anything these days that technology hasn’t completely taken over? Go to the cinema and it seems that there are more robot-based movies than ever before. Look in your pocket or at your wrist, meanwhile, and the likelihood is that you will find yet fancier tech. It all begs the question – if you ...more

5 Common Misconceptions About Recruitment Software

If you have an involvement in HR, it’s likely that you’ll be no stranger to the concept of recruitment software. Whether you’ve had experience of using a system yourself, received a sales call from one of the many suppliers on the market or read some blogs on the subject, you’ll probably have a basic understanding ...more