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What difference could ‘blind hiring’ make to your workforce?

‘Blind hiring’ has been increasingly talked about in recent times. Indeed, even the Canadian government has used it, stating that it did so with the intention of reducing unconscious bias and promoting gender and ethnic equality. But is blind hiring worth the hype, and how could it benefit your own firm? First of all, what ...more

Remember that great candidates will ask great questions

So, with the help of the right in-house recruitment software and no shortage of your own HR team’s in-house experience and know-how, you’ve whittled down your pool of candidates to a shortlist of people to invite to interview. But do you yet have a sense of how to determine the best candidates from that interview? ...more

5 Ways Recruitment Software Can Speed Up Your Time-to-Hire

How long does your hiring process take? On average, it takes 27.59 days to fill a vacancy, according to 2016 statistics from HR Magazine. If your recruitment process takes longer, it can prove to be very costly. Consider the cost of: – Re-advertising your vacancy – The extra time your HR team has to spend ...more

3 Reasons Why Your Team Aren’t Using Your ATS Properly

You’re all up and running on your new applicant tracking system (ATS) and you’re excited about the positive changes that it is going to make to your recruitment process. Fast-forward a few weeks later: you notice that some members of your team aren’t actually using your ATS. Maybe they’re only utilising certain parts of its ...more

3 ways to use technology to give your candidates a better experience

If there’s one aspect of the hiring process that helps to show that recruitment technology is not just a fad, it’s the candidate experience. Past studies have indicated that a large proportion of jobseekers continue to have poor candidate experiences, citing such problems as unclear application instructions, extremely long application processes and minimal job descriptions. ...more

4 Signs You Need to Improve Your Candidate Experience

Delivering a positive candidate experience is vital; not only can a bad experience prevent a candidate from applying for any of your vacancies, it can also create a negative impression of your business. However, measuring the effectiveness of your candidate experience can be tricky – so, how do you know when it’s time to take ...more

Why your business shouldn’t be scared of referrals

Despite what research has found about candidates that come via referrals often making longer-lasting and better-performing employees, many HR teams still seem hesitant to embrace the full benefits of referrals as a means of unearthing potential new staff. Here are some of the reasons for that – together with reasons for your firm not to ...more

8 Tips to Help You Create a Brilliant Careers Site

If you think that your careers site is simply just an add-on page to your website where you list your current vacancies, you’re missing a trick. Yes, your careers site should advertise your vacancies but it can be so much more than that. It’s a place where you can showcase your company’s culture, talk about ...more

How technology can help to build a great company culture

You may think of technology as cold, impersonal, the kind of thing to boost bottom-line productivity and efficiency perhaps, but hardly an aid for that most human of things – company culture. Yet, the right technology – tactically deployed – can indeed help to build and maintain the right culture at your company. It’s not ...more

5 Benefits of Web-Based Recruitment Software

If you’re considering investing in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of suppliers and various options on the market. When it comes to choosing your system, before even thinking about which supplier you’d like to work with, you need to think about whether you’d prefer a web-based system ...more

3 reasons for your firm to outsource its hiring this year

A lot of things about the corporate world may seem to have already changed in 2017, but one thing that definitely hasn’t is the necessity of ensuring that every department of your company is performing as well as possible. That is certainly true of your HR department – if it suffers from glitches, inefficiencies or ...more

5 tips for recruiting great candidates on a restricted budget

In today’s world in which more and more of even the most talented candidates are prioritising rewarding work over higher salaries, your firm doesn’t necessarily need a bottomless budget if it is to attract them. Here are just five tips for how you can hire both well and affordably. 1.Make the most of your current ...more

4 Benefits Careers Sites Can Deliver to Small Businesses

If you’re a small business, you might think that you don’t need a careers site. In fact, there are a number of common misconceptions about careers sites that can deter SMEs from using them. Do any of the following statements sound familiar? “My business doesn’t hire frequently enough to justify having a careers site.” “A ...more

Some useful tips for filling your vacancies quicker

Even if you feel you have the luxury to not fill a certain vacancy in your company straight away, the likelihood is that there will be many very talented and suitable candidates out there being snapped up by rivals. Minimising ‘time to fill’ should therefore be one of the greatest priorities of your hiring team. ...more

5 tips for implementing recruitment technology successfully

Even market-leading recruitment technology won’t do much to serve your business’s hiring needs if it isn’t implemented well. The below five tips should help you to avoid the most common pitfalls. 1.Ask questions before signing a contract Before agreeing to take on any given software package, it’s well worth asking the vendor for testimonials from ...more

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in an Applicant Tracking System

Many companies are currently struggling to manage their recruitment process; is yours one of them? Whether you’re overspending on recruitment agencies, taking months to make a hire or neglecting to nurture your candidates, a poorly thought-out recruitment process can add hours of work to your week (and drain thousands of pounds from your budget). We’re ...more

Make sure your company attracts more graduates in 2017

It’s tricky enough for most businesses to lure the right people in the first place, without the state of the job market making their job harder – but that’s precisely what’s happening in 2017. If you think back to the years immediately following the late 2000s financial crash, you may recall that companies were generally ...more

4 steps to trouble-free HR software implementation

When you’ve got some new and exciting in-house recruitment software – such as our Fusion suite – that you would like to embed into your business, you might come up against a lot of hurdles. What are the steps that you can take to ensure your HR team quickly adjusts to and uses your latest ...more

5 Signs You’ve Chosen the Wrong ATS

With a huge range of software available on the market, choosing an applicant tracking system can be tough. The process of getting internal buy-in, researching potential systems and selecting your supplier can take months. That’s why it’s important that you make the right decision for your business. But what happens if you start to doubt ...more

How to measure your employees’ capacity

Naturally, you will wish to build a winning team, and you can’t do that without making sure that all of its members are winners. This means routinely monitoring your employees to assess whether they are all reaching their capacity in their roles. Here is how you can measure that capacity – and how you should ...more