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4 Tips to Help You Attract Graduates to Your Business

Exams are over, results are in and thousands of university graduates across the UK will be entering the workforce. The graduate recruitment market is competitive; however this isn’t just the case for jobseekers. Companies now have to compete fiercely with each other to attract graduates, particularly those who operate in industries requiring niche skill-sets. As ...more

How should your small business approach pre-hire assessments?

Small businesses are the businesses that can least afford their hiring process to go wrong, which is precisely why so many of them are investing in online recruitment software like our own renowned Fusion package. However, there’s something else that will help your small firm to immediately pick out the right candidate for its vacancy, ...more

What hire does your business need next… a young upstart or a seasoned professional?

Recruiting staff isn’t easy – if it was, even small businesses wouldn’t incur costs running into many thousands of pounds every year as a result of bad hires. One of the trickiest tasks associated with hiring is deciding whether to take on a wet-behind-the-ears young hotshot from the increasingly dominant Millennial generation, or instead someone ...more

3 ways to beat the big boys to the top talent

It isn’t impossible to give huge, established industry players a bloody nose – just look at the success of ‘disruptors’ like Airbnb and Uber. It’s a similar story with staff recruitment – the best people are within reach if you do the right things, even if you are a mere ambitious startup. Believe it or ...more

5 ways to keep hold of your best workers

If there’s anything that is even more important – and difficult – than hiring the best people, it’s keeping them on your payroll for the longer term. Having to constantly replace employees and undertake the necessary training is something that most companies would rather avoid, for reasons of continuity, productivity, morale and – of course ...more

5 potentially brilliant Christmas employee perks

The festive period is a time when many employers reflect on the year just gone and look to reward their workers in some way – but how? Here are five ways in which businesses using in house recruitment software like that offered by ourselves here at Webrecruit can give their employees that little bit extra, ...more

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Attract Top Talent

For small businesses, recruitment can sometimes be a struggle. It might be that you’re based in an area of the UK where there are huge global companies snapping up all the best talent. Or you might not have established an effective recruitment advertising strategy to attract the right candidates. Whatever your main issue is, it’s ...more

5 Ways to Communicate Your Company Culture in Your Recruitment Advert

Your recruitment advertising campaigns are attracting candidates with all the right skills – great! However, what happens when you invite candidates in for an interview and they’re not a good cultural fit? Company culture is incredibly important, especially within a small business, and ensuring that a new hire matches your organisation’s core values is vital. ...more

5 affordable ways to keep your workers on board

When you invest your money on a recruitment advertising agency, the last thing that you will want is to need to recruit a short time later to fill the same vacancy. Sure, every now and then, a recruit doesn’t work out – but all too often, employers lose perfectly good workers unnecessarily. Yes, we’re referring ...more

10 of the most notorious lies that job candidates tell

Everyone wants to get ahead in life, but that’s no excuse for dishonesty – and if you want to avoid your company bearing the cost by recruiting a unsuitable employee it’s vital to learn to spot those candidate lies. Here are 10 of the biggest fibs to look out for during the employee hiring process. ...more

Boost your company’s reputation by being a great boss

You might have read about how important it is to have the right employer ‘brand’ to lure talented candidates, or the role that a great applicant tracking system can play – but what about the behaviour of those at the helm of your company? Being a great boss can do so much to make your ...more

Why you can’t afford to dither over recruitment decisions

Recruitment agencies like ours have been saying it repeatedly lately, but the message hasn’t necessarily been getting through to everyone: it really is an employee’s market right now. Hiring by no means slows down during the summer, so you shouldn’t hesitate to extend a job offer when you have a great candidate on your hands. ...more

5 Ways That Reporting Can Transform Your Hiring Process

Are you struggling to keep on top of your recruitment activities? Do you find that you’re drowning in paperwork and spreadsheets? If so, it might be time to consider investing in an applicant tracking system. An applicant tracking system (also known as an ATS) is a specific type of recruitment software that can be used ...more

The A-Z of Employer Branding

So, you’ve heard about the concept of employer branding and all the statistics suggest that you should be investing in it. In fact, 72% of UK talent acquisition leaders say that employer branding has a significant impact on hiring, according to LinkedIn’s 2015 UK Recruiting Trends report. But what exactly is employer branding? And how ...more

3 Signs that you are ready for an ATS

If your recruitment workload has increased it is likely you’ve considered the benefits an applicant tracking system (ATS) could deliver you. ATS’s are intelligent pieces of software that allow you to manage your recruitment at all stages. In fact, the list of functionality is so enticing that it is not surprising that they are rapidly ...more

4 Recruitment Reports Every SME Needs to Know

When it comes to reporting on your recruitment activity, knowing where to begin can be a challenge. Within small to medium sized businesses the seemingly ‘time-consuming’ task of reporting often falls short for busy HR professionals. Unfortunately, no matter how high workloads reach, reporting on your hiring activity is vital for measuring the success of ...more

Are you getting the most out of your SME’s employee review meetings?

When you’re running a small to medium sized business, it’s one thing to take on the right employees with the help of a capable recruitment agent in Exeter like Webrecruit, and quite another to get the best out of them over time. This is where employee performance appraisals come in. On the plus side, staff ...more

Goodbye Dream Candidate – Why did your Good Applicant Drop Out?

Picture the scene: you’ve found a great candidate (or your recruitment agency has), you think it is all going well – they have responded to your advert, performed really well in the interview, and you look all set to offer them the position. Then the worst happens: you experience the cold shoulder, no replies to ...more

The best ways to recruit, train and onboard a Generation Y-er

Not all of those companies overseeing staff recruitment in Manchester, Leeds or Exeter necessarily have much love for the Generation Y employee. That’s a great shame, given the contribution that these staff can make to a company, but perceptions have nonetheless prevailed of such employees being selfish, unmotivated and entitled. However, so many companies’ struggles ...more

Make sure you understand the workforce of 2015

Even if you’ve been working with recruitment experts for many years, there are always new things to learn about the labour market. Just consider how different the workforce of 2015 is to those of past years and decades, for example. The people who are entering the employment market for the first time this year are ...more