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10 Ways to Impress During Your Probationary Period

Starting a new role is an exciting time but it can also be daunting, especially with new surroundings, colleagues and duties to get used to. Your probationary period will always be a time of adjustment but it’s also a period where you should focus on giving yourself the best possible start in your new role ...more

How to Get the Promotion You Want

You’ve been in your current role for a while now and you’ve reached the stage where you want to take your career to the next level. You love the company you work for and you’re eager to progress; so, how do you go about grabbing that promotion you want? Approaching the topic of promotion with ...more

6 Tips for Choosing a Career Path

If you are at the early stages of your career, or just want a career change altogether, you might need a few methods to help you decide what to do next. There are a variety of ways for finding out what you are interested in and what you might like to do. The following pieces ...more

6 Tips for Effective Networking

When it comes to networking, it’s important to get it right. You can meet huge amounts of people and take their information, but it doesn’t always result in you getting something, unless it’s done the right way. Walking into a room full of strangers doesn’t always make networking easy. So, Webrecruit looks at top tips ...more

How to Impress During Your Probationary Period

Your first three to six months at your new job can be a tough one, both nerve wracking and confusing as you get to grips with your new company. However, it’s probably one of the most important parts of your role as you begin to showcase everything that’s on your CV and all that’s been ...more

9 Skills You Need to Develop to Become a Great Leader

Being an effective leader can make a world of difference to whatever situation you are in. Whether you are leading a sports team, or a whole company, getting it right is essential to achieving your goals. Managers can be defined as those that follow a set of processes, where leaders would therefore be the individuals ...more

6 Things to Consider When Moving into Digital Marketing

Consumer behaviour and our responses to marketing messages are changing, resulting in a need for differing marketer tools. With 71% of businesses looking to increase their investment in digital marketing (Recruitment Buzz, 2014), this line of work continues to grow and develop. If you are looking to move into a digital media marketing career, there ...more

6 Tips for Moving in to Marketing from a Sales Job

Although they couldn’t operate without each other, sales and marketing departments work differently – there’s no doubt. But what if you decide you want to move from one to the other? Webrecruit looks at essential tips to ensure you are prepared when looking to make this change in your occupation from sales, to a career ...more

Why You Should Network as a Jobseeker – 10 Reasons

In terms of the job seeker, networking is essentially getting to know others to enhance your career prospects. Methods can include using social media, attending industry shows or events, contacting educational associations and more. All of these can be invaluable to your job search, so Webrecruit looks at why networking is important and what it ...more

How to Become a Finance Director – 6 Pieces of Advice

Not everyone will take the same route to get into a finance director role, but if this is something you are aiming for it’s helpful to know what steps you can take to achieve it. With tips from our own finance director, Andrew Guerin, Webrecruit looks at how you can reach this senior level position. ...more

5 Things You Need to Know to Start a Career in Finance

If you’re interested in working within a specific industry such as finance, it is worthwhile exploring the different paths you can take. Many entry-level finance roles can lead to a successful career with the right qualifications and experience, so Webrecruit looks at what to do next. 1. The Career Paths Some of the most common ...more

5 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is the process of marketing yourself and your career online or off to prospective employers. Essentially you are the product, and your brand is the way you are perceived in a business sense. According to a CareerBuilder survey, 62% of hiring managers are using Google to find out further information about their candidates. With ...more

Starting Your Graduate Career in Engineering

The engineer career path can lead in myriad ways, so Webrecruit is here to give you some information about the next step when starting your engineering vocation. What Employers Want To work within engineering it’s important but not always essential to have a relevant degree, but in some sectors employers will accept scientific or mathematical ...more

9 Weird and Wacky Jobs

In light of the weird and wonderful Halloween period, Webrecruit looks at some of the oddest jobs that people have today – these certainly differ from the norm of 9-5 in an office. Professional Sleeper Several hotels hire a test-sleeper to try out the beds within the rooms of the hotel, testing comfort and ability ...more

5 Ways to be a Better Boss – Lessons from David Brent

So you want to make a difference in a managerial role, but also want to avoid ending up like David Brent and being disliked by everyone in the office. If you find yourself missing out on some of the following tips, you might be affecting the results being achieved in your workplace. 1. Listen to ...more

What You Need for a Career in HR

If you are looking to get into human resources, there will be different aspects to consider in order to set your new career off to a good start. As HR trends have changed quite noticeably within the past decade, this brings with it new vocation opportunities. Webrecruit looks at what’s important when making the move ...more

8 Characteristics of a Great Sales Employee

If you are looking for a career in sales, or already are well down your path within the industry, there will be traits and characteristics that you may come across attributing to that of a good sales employee. Interested in sales or business development? Webrecruit looks at some of the best qualities that a great ...more

Why you should consider a human resources officer role

HR recruitment is a central part of Webrecruit’s work and HR itself attracts many job seekers who consider themselves ‘people persons’ and who would like to work in an office role. A HR officer, also known as a personnel officer, is typically involved in work ranging from the hiring of staff and working alongside other ...more

How to become a retail manager

One job that certainly attracts the interest of many candidates with an interest in a competitive and fast-moving career is the position of retail manager. This role is central to retail recruitment, involving the day-to-day running of a store alongside such duties as motivating staff towards the achievement of their targets and the organisation of ...more

Making the grade as a visual merchandiser

Retail recruitment isn’t just about finding public sales assistants and store managers – it’s also about finding those who have that special touch when it comes to design and making things look good. Consider the role of the visual merchandiser. They’re better known in some circles as window dressers or even display assistants, and work ...more