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11 Creative Ideas for Your CV

Nowadays, the average word documented CV just isn’t enough. Employers are receiving a variety of innovative and creative CVs from candidates, who are sending them in a bid to make themselves stand out from the crowd. It’s always good to get inspiration from others to make your CV look the best that it can, so ...more

Does your CV capture ‘Brand You’?

By Matt Craven, Founder of The CV & Interview Advisors Ever since Bianca Miller came runner up in the Apprentice, people have been talking about personal branding and good on her for bringing some publicity to an important concept, which in reality has been around for many years. Personal branding is all about bringing marketing ...more

Are Cover Letters Obsolete?

By Matt Craven, Director of the CV & Interview Advisors Today, when we email CVs to recruiters and hiring managers, we simply pop a note in the email with something like “I would like to apply for xyz role, please find my CV attached” and if we are sending it through an online recruitment platform, ...more

7 Visual Tips for Your CV

Content is of course key, but a well laid out CV can make a lot of difference to your application. Whatever industry you are working in, employers need a clear view of your resumé, with concise sections. The following tips from Webrecruit are key visual considerations for your CV, which contribute to a great looking ...more

7 Rules for Your Graduate CV

Putting together your CV can be an arduous task, especially if you are fresh out of University, but it is one that is worth investing time in. Many still fail to follow some of the most important rules of the resume, so Webrecruit have provided these fundamental tips to ensure you get yours noticed in ...more

What Happens in Kavos stays on Your CV

It can be a struggle to put your CV together after your summer of fun, but it is time well spent focusing on how your last few months have helped you gain valuable experience towards your career. So you’ve just finished your season in Kavos, the holiday blues have kicked in and the next step ...more

What does a recruiter really expect to see on your CV?

When you are applying for a job, whether it is the most humble shop or bar work or a position at the top of your chosen field, you will doubtless be aware of the considerable competition, and therefore the importance of communicating the suitability of your skills and experience to the specific role. Your Curriculum ...more

An Administrator’s guide to crafting the perfect CV

In today’s candidate-rich, job short market, we’re not immune to the fact that finding a job is hard. Particularly in the field of admin & secretarial jobs, the recent downturn saw a large number of redundancies within this function, making the competition for vacancies in this area fiercer than ever before. In fact, this year, ...more

How to create an awesome video CV

In today’s highly competitive employment market, job seekers are constantly looking for new ways to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of a potential employer. Gone are the days when hiring managers relied solely on a 2-page formulaic CV. Today, many new tools, the majority related to the explosion of social media, ...more

CareerCamLive – Round-up

We are delighted with the amount of engagement we received with this month’s CareerCamLive. For those who missed it, you can watch the recording here. I have also picked a couple of questions and summarised my answers for you. I’m trying to relocate to the UK from elsewhere in Europe and I’m applying but not ...more

The CV and Personal Branding Consistency

What else can be written about the trusty CV that hasn’t already been said? It’s been a career/job staple now for many years, but depending on what articles you read, there seems to be a movement toward cloud based options (storing your data remotely at online platforms). So, is the CV dead? What uses should ...more

The top 5 IT CV must-dos to get yours noticed

The IT Industry is a fast-paced and competitive environment. To get ahead means landing a job with a cutting-edge company and to achieve that, you need a CV which sells you and your skills in the best possible manner. Working in conjunction with CWJobs  and the CV Store , I have put together five top ...more

CV clinic: Your questions answered

In the latest from the CV clinic, Lee Tonge provides his expertise for one reader wanting to maximise their job title. He highlights the importance of selling yourself to an employer.   Hi, I think my main concern with my CV is that I have worked just under 4 years in my last role and ...more

CV Clinic – February 2012

This month in our latest CV clinic, Lee Tonge – the CV expert behind The CV Store – advises one reader on how to list previous experience in a way that will catch any hiring manager’s attention.  Dear Sirs, I would like to know if it is necessary to mention all the roles I have ...more

CV Clinic – your questions answered

This week in our CV Clinic, Lee Tonge – owner of The CV Store – answers your questions on hobbies and CVs. ‘In the ‘Profile‘ section of CV, is it appropriate to highlight a personal non-professional trait such as writing poetry? ‘Personally when I had screened some CV’s for a project, and I recalled the ones ...more

CV clinic – new tools for job seekers

Do you need some help tweaking your CV? Is your job search stuck in a rut? Could you do with some expert pointers – for free? As our New Year’s resolution for 2012, the webrecruit will be looking to help current and potential candidates find the right job in this tough economic climate. In order ...more

Ask James Caan – Issue 78

Dear Member, I’d like to start by thanking everyone for all their contributions over the past few weeks. Yesterday, we welcomed the 65,000th member to the group, further consolidating it as one of the biggest UK recruitment groups on LinkedIn. I’m starting to see many new faces join us – please feel free to take ...more

Are jobseekers failing at the first hurdle?

When applying for a vacancy, do you tailor your CV? It’s a question often put to jobseekers and whilst we all know we should to increase our chances, not everyone does. Statistics from webrecruit’s latest Jobseeker Survey has highlighted the issue, revealing that just 30%* of job seekers always tailor their CV when applying for ...more

10 tips on how to increase your CV response rate

Are you firing out CVs but not hearing anything back? Want to know how you can improve your CV response rate? By using a few marketing tricks and a bit of creative thinking, you can increase the likelihood of a reply. 1. List your ‘unique selling points.’ Use your covering letter to make recruiters aware ...more

CV advice to ensure success

Did you know the most common complaint amongst employers is that most CVs miss the point? So how can you ensure that getting that great job doesn’t remain just a pipe dream? For starters, you should never have just one CV. Hiring managers are very subjective to the type of employee they are looking for. As ...more