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How to Approach Your Job Search When You’re Already Employed

Looking for a new job can be stressful enough; if you’re currently in employment, it can be quite an uneasy time as you attempt to hide your job search from your existing employer. While it’s important to keep your job search quiet, you also want to maintain your integrity and remain on good terms with ...more

6 Ways to Stay Motivated During Your Job Search

Searching for a new role can be a stressful time, particularly if you’ve been job hunting for a while without success. When you’re faced with multiple rejection emails or worse, no response to your application at all, it’s easy to feel disheartened. However, if you’re going to succeed and triumph in your search for a ...more

4 Ways to Find a Job You Love

Do you feel uninspired, bored and unmotivated in your current role? Do you find yourself repeatedly waking up on a Monday morning filled with dread at the prospect of returning to work after the weekend? If so, you’re not alone. Job satisfaction slumped to a two and a half year low in Spring 2016, according ...more

Is LinkedIn really that important?

An article by Matt Craven, Founder of The CV & Interview Advisors I keep hearing people referring to LinkedIn as a social media platform and persuading themselves that it is not for them because they aren’t an avid user of Facebook or Twitter. The truth is that if you are a job seeker or a ...more

How to Attract a Recruiter’s Attention on LinkedIn – 7 Rules

If you are searching for a job, it makes sense to use professional platforms such as LinkedIn as a tool for you to attract recruiters and companies looking for candidates. However, with over 300 million members on the site, it helps to know how to get noticed. The following top tips from Webrecruit look at ...more

10 Ways to Prepare for Work after Graduating

Making the move from being a full-time student to a full-time employee can be a difficult one, for many reasons. In fact, according to recent survey findings by Work Ready Graduates, less than half said they felt prepared for the working world. It helps to know where to start if you are about to graduate, ...more

10 Dos and Don’ts for Job Searching Whilst Employed

So you’ve come to the decision that it’s time for a change, and that your current job just isn’t cutting it for whatever reason. But before you start your job search, there are a few things to consider if you are still currently working. The following tips from Webrecruit will help to ensure that your ...more

Top Mobile Apps for Job Seekers

Mobile applications for job seekers are becoming a real convenience for the job search, making it simpler to find your next opportunity. It has never been easier to look online, with the use of tablets and mobile devices allowing you to reach the right jobs, fast. Webrecruit explores the apps that you need when looking ...more

What Jobseekers can learn from New Year’s Resolutions

So it’s the New Year, and without a doubt millions of people will be noting their new year’s resolutions. Webrecruit picks some of the most popular goals individuals set, and explores them from a job seeker perspective. Lose Weight …from your CV. Maybe your resume is a bit too long, and therefore isn’t appreciated enough ...more

6 Ways to Keep Your Job Search Emails Professional

Emails are an important part of our job search when in contact with different companies, agencies and recruiters. Although at the time writing that email it may not seem that significant, this communication is vital to get right. 1. Keep the Purpose Clear If you are looking to apply for a particular role, remember to include ...more

6 Tips for a Successful Graduate Job Search

Knowing where to start on your job search can be hard as a graduate fresh out of university, particularly if you are looking for your first full time role. According to the UK Graduate Careers Survey, more than half of students who left their graduate job search until the final year of their studies were ...more

The 5 Rules of Jobseeker Etiquette

An effective way of boosting your job search is adhering to the right etiquette, this can be the difference between your application being reviewed or immediately dismissed. The following five rules are fundamental for any application, and are not to be missed when searching for your next opportunity. 1. The Art of Communication First impressions ...more

5 Steps to Take if You Didn’t Get the Job

Getting turned down for a job can be disheartening, and sometimes frustrating. There are however steps you can take to make the most out of not getting that offer, to turn it around and get yourself ready for the next application. The following five tips encapsulate these important steps, to ensure you are making the ...more

11 Must Have LinkedIn Features Your Profile Needs

As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn can help you endlessly in your search for the next job opportunity. Webrecruit looks at 11 of the most effective features on LinkedIn in order to make the most of your profile, and improve your presence within your industry. 1. Endorsements and Skills Endorsements can highlight your particular ...more

Back to School – 6 Job Searching Tips for Returning to Work

It’s back to school time, and for many parent jobseekers it’s an opportunity to get back into career mode. Webrecruit looks at 6 top tips for re-entering the world of work, to ensure you are prepared and ready to start your job search. 1. Stay Relevant Remember to include any training or qualifications that you ...more

Advanced CV Insight – are you just a statistic?

I’m a big fan of statistics as they often hit the nail right on the head without the need for further diatribe. In this blog, I’m going to mention a few hard hitting stats that might just make you think differently about your job hunting. 92% of shortlisting decisions are made solely on the contents ...more

Love your job hunt this valentine’s day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching love is in the air. But how in love with your search for a new job are you? We know that job hunting can easily become a disheartening process; often filled with frustration, which can easily result in a lack of love for the whole process. Here at Webrecruit we ...more

How to achieve job search success in 2014

January is often a time of year for reflection and change. For many people, this change can be related to their career. Whether you’re looking at more senior positions within your company, changing locations or even moving to a new industry sector, the one thing that is essential is a good, solid plan. A well-structured ...more

Where to find that coveted job in the IT industry

Unquestionably, in a world in which information now reigns supreme, there is much demand among those recruiting staff for the most up-to-date IT skills. Digital mediums have such an instrumental role in making our world more accessible and functional, and if you have a degree in a STEM subject like science, technology, engineering and maths, ...more

Gearing up for your New Year – new job search

With the New Year fast approaching, the resolution lists are popping to the forefront of many people’s minds. Unsurprisingly, a common resolution for many is to find a new job. The beginning of a New Year is a popular time to contemplate a change and new challenge for the year ahead. But with competition heavy ...more