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Are you getting the most out of your SME’s employee review meetings?

When you’re running a small to medium sized business, it’s one thing to take on the right employees with the help of a capable recruitment agent in Exeter like Webrecruit, and quite another to get the best out of them over time. This is where employee performance appraisals come in. On the plus side, staff ...more

How to ascertain ‘cultural fit’ at interview

Any decent recruitment company in Manchester will tell you about the great importance of cultural fit. They will tell you that your organisation is, in effect, your people – that you need people who can work together towards shared goals. But what are the interview questions to ask to ascertain a person’s ‘cultural fit’ at ...more

Job Posting In-Depth: Recruitment Software Surgery Series

Are you finding it difficult to keep up with the demands of your recruitment activities? Do you feel that the admin and reporting aspects of your recruitment process keep you from doing what you do best? If so, you might be ready for recruitment software. When using more dated HR administrative methods, such as spreadsheets, ...more

How your SME can keep hold of its staff

Employee turnover is the bane of so many small companies’ lives. After all of that time and money invested into finding the perfect new recruit, you certainly don’t want to see them walking away after a few months – whether due to blatant unsuitability or being lured by another company. High turnover disrupts continuity within ...more

Goodbye Dream Candidate – Why did your Good Applicant Drop Out?

Picture the scene: you’ve found a great candidate (or your recruitment agency has), you think it is all going well – they have responded to your advert, performed really well in the interview, and you look all set to offer them the position. Then the worst happens: you experience the cold shoulder, no replies to ...more