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6 Things to Consider When Looking to Secure Buy-in For Recruitment Software

Many HR professionals will find the concept of introducing software into the traditional HR environment a daunting mountain to climb. On its most basic level, the effort required to understand the terminology used can be intimidating, let alone facing the fear of lack of buy-in from stakeholders. However, investing in recruitment software – such as ...more

A Masterclass in Employer Branding

When setting up a direct sourcing strategy, it’s important to assess all factors that affect your hiring and recruitment process. Previously, one area that many HR professionals have forgotten about and, as a result, neglected, is the importance of their employer brand. However, employer branding, and its influence on the overall hiring process, is something ...more

4 Recruitment Reports Every SME Needs to Know

When it comes to reporting on your recruitment activity, knowing where to begin can be a challenge. Within small to medium sized businesses the seemingly ‘time-consuming’ task of reporting often falls short for busy HR professionals. Unfortunately, no matter how high workloads reach, reporting on your hiring activity is vital for measuring the success of ...more

5 Bad Candidate Communications to Avoid

Are you wondering why candidates aren’t applying for your roles? Have you noticed an increase in unhappy or frustrated applicants? If so, your candidate communications might be to blame. When recruiting staff, it’s important to place the candidate experience at the heart of everything you do. A bad candidate experience can have a huge impact ...more

4 ways of using your company culture to attract candidates

Anyone who has read anything about company culture knows that it is important for those already working for your organisation. When your company culture aligns well with the values and motivations of your staff, great things happen. What many a hiring manager using a recruitment consultant in Manchester like Webrecruit may not realise, is how ...more