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5 reasons why your first-choice candidate may reject you

It doesn’t matter how many recruitment experts you surround yourself with, or how thorough or well-timed your hiring approach has seemingly been – sometimes, that “perfect candidate” slips through your grasp, even when they were tantalisingly close to signing on the dotted line. Here are five reasons why you may be rejected by such a ...more

How to negotiate the minefield of background checks

It may be more of an American than a British thing to approach a dedicated online background check agency before deciding whether to employ a given candidate. However, much as is the case Stateside, such checks can also get your firm into difficulty – whether due to conducting checks that you shouldn’t have done and ...more

How to Give Your Recruitment Advertising a Competitive Edge

With unemployment at its lowest rate for seven years, targeted and effective online recruitment advertising is more than important than ever. Add a national skills shortage into the mix and HR and recruitment professionals are facing a challenging time as they compete with other businesses to attract top talent. We recently caught up with one ...more

Why you shouldn’t necessarily be alarmed by employment gaps

Employment gaps. Periods of absence from the workforce. Times when the candidate didn’t have a job. Whatever one calls them, they are real bugbears of organisations, which – when faced with an overwhelming number of applicants for a position – often use them as an instant excuse to ditch a CV. This, of course, is ...more

3 unsung advantages of a great job description

Ask any employer, and they will say that a good job description is an integral part of their recruitment advertising efforts. Job descriptions help to sort the wheat from the proverbial chaff, attracting the right kind of people to your vacancy while repelling the wrong ones. But your latest job description shouldn’t be ditched the ...more