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Could gamification make the difference to your HR strategy?

Even within the most purposeful workplace, there are likely to be at least some disengaged employees, and it’s a real problem for many of those using a recruitment consultant in Exeter. Could gamification be the answer? To a lot of HR professionals, it could just be. After all, many of the millennials now flooding into ...more

Give your employees a career, not just a job

In all of your discussions and work alongside your chosen recruitment company in Leeds, have you ever considered whether your employees have a career with your firm, or just a job? If you ask your workers that question, you might be shocked at the response. Past surveys suggest that as many as half or more ...more

6 tips for hiring the right start-up employees

While many of the general rules of thumb for good hiring – such as using the right recruitment software from an agency like Webrecruit – certainly apply just as strongly to start-up recruiting, in other respects, there are big differences. Hiring for a start-up means looking for those people who have the motivation, skills, flexibility ...more

Are you Actually Using LinkedIn Properly?

When it comes to strengthening your staff recruitment you really don’t need to use a large number of resources; you need to know how to get the best value, and best return from those that you do use. Understanding which advertising platforms to use for your staff recruitment campaigns can be challenging, especially with the ...more

Employer Branding: 6 Ways to Attract Top Talent with a CSR Strategy

It’s a question on many employers’ minds; can being socially responsible really attract candidates? It’s part of the triple bottom line that companies may or may not be involved with, however the benefits of a corporate social responsibility strategy can be endless for you, your employees, and potential candidates. And, if you care about employer ...more