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5 Recruitment Lessons Learned from 2014

With more companies looking to take control of their hiring process and become accountable for their own recruitment, technology has stayed at the forefront of everyone’s minds in 2014. New systems and processes have been required to meet this demand and the benefits of using recruitment software, such as applicant tracking systems, have been invaluable. ...more

5 of our favourite employee onboarding tips

Making your new employee feel welcome is one of those things that seems obvious and easy enough, but that never quite turns out that way. How difficult is it to greet your new staff member in a friendly way, give them a tour of the office and introduce them to their new colleagues? However, employee ...more

Why social recruitment is no fad

Sure, there may have been a time when you could take out an advert in the newspaper for your company’s latest vacancy, and get loads of top quality applications from the highest quality candidates. But that’s not necessarily the case now. Today, whether it’s retail, IT, HR or marketing recruitment that you are involved in, ...more

A 2 Minute Guide to Applicant Tracking Systems

If you’re serious about reviewing your recruitment process, you need to consider both attracting candidates to your vacancies and managing them whilst they are in your database. After all, not every candidate who applies will be suitable for your vacancies, so you’ll need a way to manage these applicants and communicate with them. Plus, by ...more

3 Signs You’re Ready to Start a Direct Sourcing Recruitment Strategy

If you’re under pressure to deliver more for less within your recruitment budget, are considering bringing recruitment in-house, or have been tasked with spearheading a cultural transformation when it comes to hiring, you may be experiencing a few signs that are symptomatic of a business that’s ready to embrace direct sourcing. The concept of bringing ...more