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5 ways to show appreciation for your virtual employees

Have you looked around your company’s offices lately, and considered how many of your workforce are actually sharing a physical space with you? It’s probably a much smaller number than would’ve been the case just a decade or two ago, thanks to the increasing tendency of those using recruitment software to hire people from further ...more

How to make your company seem employee-friendly

What was your first ever job? Did it involve working in a dirty office, perhaps as part of a two-man band, without a lot of the technological or other luxuries than many workers now take for granted? So many people, if quizzed, would say many positive things about their first job that they wouldn’t be ...more

4 Ways to Communicate Your Company Culture in Your Recruitment Advert

Your recruitment advertising campaigns are attracting candidates with all the right skills – great! However, what happens when you invite candidates in for an interview and they’re not a good cultural fit? Company culture is incredibly important, especially within a small business, and ensuring that a new hire matches your organisation’s core values is vital. ...more

How and why your HR department should embrace social media

Social media isn’t something to be left to your marketing team – it should also be fully utilised by your HR personnel for everything from the posting of recruitment adverts to the sounding out of passive candidates. Here at Webrecruit, we offer our own recruitment software – Fusion – that incorporates modules for the most ...more

Attract AND retain great candidates by giving them flexibility

There’s no doubt about it – flexibility is one of the watchwords among today’s recruitment experts. Candidates – especially Millennials – are increasingly expecting employers to be accommodating of their work schedule preferences, and going elsewhere if they don’t. But why else is it so important to offer candidates and existing employees flexible hours? The ...more