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The Traditional CV or Online Application Forms? Recruitment Software Surgery Series

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the written overview document of a person’s experience and qualifications and is a piece of literature very common for many HR professionals involved in the hiring process. But, with recent advances in recruitment software, is this method of receiving a candidate’s experience becoming outdated in favour of modern methods, such ...more

The Anatomy of a Careers Site

As the front end of an ATS, a careers site is a fully manageable integrated system that allows companies to take control of their direct sourcing whilst advertising and monitoring their vacancies with ease. (To find out more about careers sites, download Webrecruit’s Beginner’s Guide to Careers Sites) But what are they key features of ...more

4 ways to engage your Millennial employees

There’s a new breed of worker sweeping the UK’s recruitment agencies, who within the years to come, will be the dominant force in your organisation. We’re talking, of course, about Millennials, those workers born between 1980 and 2002 who have a distinctly different approach to the workplace to their elders. If you ignore this different ...more

4 brilliant benefits to offer to your workers

In today’s tough economy, everyone should be glad just to have a job, right? Therefore, obsessing over the benefits that you offer to your employees is surely a waste of time – it’s all about the pay packet to them. Well no, that’s not the case, actually – or at least, not for the high ...more

4 Ways to Work with an Agency to Achieve a Values-Led High Volume Recruitment Campaign

Conducting a high volume recruitment campaign requires you to balance a number of conflicting pressures, and can test even the most developed resourcing and recruitment teams. When the requirement to flex-up your sourcing efforts arises, you may consider looking at working with a third party on a project basis rather than hiring new members of ...more