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3 Great Ways to Boost Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are widely known to be a high quality source of hire. In fact, although referrals make up just 7% of job applications, they account for 40% of all successful hires, according to a survey conducted by Jobvite. It can be dangerous to rely on referrals alone; however an employee referral scheme is an ...more

Is Snapchat really worth bothering with for recruitment?

For recruiters wishing to attract and retain top talent, it is so often a more creative approach to hiring that brings the greatest rewards. One way recruiters can find new talent is to be present in the same locations and environments as their target candidates, so if you wish to take on more Millennials, some ...more

Why your hiring approach must reflect your company culture

Your company culture is an essential part of your business operation. Many companies proudly emphasise their values and ethos through their business branding, website and customer service, only to fail to extend the same approach to their recruitment. When making the decision to apply for a job, candidates understandably want to know exactly what awaits ...more

The Dos and Don’ts of Building an Effective Online Application Form

An embedded online application form can deliver a much more positive candidate experience than having to fill out paper-based forms. As the entire application is completed within one handy portal, the online recruitment process is much more streamlined and is often quicker for candidates (especially if they are applying for their next role on the ...more

4 Ways to Reduce Gender Bias Within Your Recruitment Advertising

Diversity continues to be a main priority for HR, with thousands of businesses actively taking measures to improve the diversity of their workforce. One of the many goals that HR departments are working towards is reducing gender bias in certain business areas. For example, female employees are poorly represented in the areas of engineering and ...more