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5 Great Ways of Using Recruitment Data

Data is a hot topic in the world of HR and recruitment. And, with the demand for recruitment software constantly increasing, more in-house recruiters and HR professionals than ever are able to gain access to key candidate information. We all know that recruitment data is important; it’s a vital tool in making informed HR decisions, ...more

How to use social media to boost your talent pool

Social media is no longer just one of those things that other individuals or companies do. Indeed, it seems at times that those who don’t have a Facebook or Twitter presence might as well be living in prehistoric times. Quite simply, social media has an unavoidable impact on how your company does business. Hiring is ...more

Recruitment Software Terminology Explained

A wide range of terminology is often applied across the recruitment software market. It is no surprise that many HR professionals get dumbfounded in the complexity of it all. Many HR teams confess that they are not heavily interested in how recruitment software works, but instead just want to know what it can do for ...more

Should you offer your candidates flexible hours?

One thing that could almost certainly turbo-charge your staff recruitment is the offer of flexible hours – it’s what candidates of pretty much all kinds love. For the employer, though, the appeal of flexible hours may take a little more time to recognise. Still, the attraction of flexible time for candidates is causing more and ...more

5 things that candidates look for in a company

If there’s anything that’s making the task of the average recruitment agent in Manchester so much harder right now, it’s that the current buoyant labour market is favouring jobseekers over many employers. The greater number of companies hiring is giving candidates the luxury of ‘shopping around’ for their next big opportunity. For your firm to ...more