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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in an Applicant Tracking System

Many companies are currently struggling to manage their recruitment process; is yours one of them? Whether you’re overspending on recruitment agencies, taking months to make a hire or neglecting to nurture your candidates, a poorly thought-out recruitment process can add hours of work to your week (and drain thousands of pounds from your budget). We’re ...more

Make sure your company attracts more graduates in 2017

It’s tricky enough for most businesses to lure the right people in the first place, without the state of the job market making their job harder – but that’s precisely what’s happening in 2017. If you think back to the years immediately following the late 2000s financial crash, you may recall that companies were generally ...more

5 things that deter potential applicants for your roles

Even following all of the most obvious – and less obvious – advice from recruitment companies like Webrecruit doesn’t always land you that dream candidate for your open position. Sometimes, good people just don’t seem to be applying for your vacancy at all – so what could be going wrong? It could be that you’re ...more

4 Ways HR and Marketing Can Work Together to Build a Great Employer Brand

With competition for talent at an all-time high and unemployment at its lowest since records began, UK businesses are having to work harder than ever to attract great candidates. And what’s the main factor that will influence a candidate to want to work for you? Your reputation as an employer. Talent leaders know just how ...more

5 Ways to Attract Talent in a Small Town

Recruiting the staff and skill-sets that your business needs can be challenging; however, if you live in a small town or a rural location, attracting talent can be even more difficult. Roles based in larger cities tend to attract more candidates – this is simply because these locations have a larger population and salaries tend ...more