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How to Manage your Recruitment Agencies Using an ATS: Recruitment Software Surgery Series

For many busy HR professionals achieving ‘zero percent’ agency usage is a reoccurring dream. Many face multiple challenges when striving to solely recruit directly, for example, finding the resources to manage a vast quantity of roles all of a sudden, or  having to fill positions requiring niche skill-sets. It’s no surprise, therefore, that external agencies ...more

Why you should seriously consider a virtual workforce

HR managers these days are used to turning their hiring practices digital. They’re doing away with the paper forms, cover letters and CVs in favour of streamlined technology, such as our very own Fusion recruitment software, that allows them to conveniently and efficiently manage candidates via one screen. But have you ever thought of making ...more

The best ways to recruit, train and onboard a Generation Y-er

Not all of those companies overseeing staff recruitment in Manchester, Leeds or Exeter necessarily have much love for the Generation Y employee. That’s a great shame, given the contribution that these staff can make to a company, but perceptions have nonetheless prevailed of such employees being selfish, unmotivated and entitled. However, so many companies’ struggles ...more

How to hire customer service staff who actually care about customer service

It may seem like such obvious advice to give, but do your customer service recruitment efforts focus on finding people who are actually passionate about customer service? As we say, it’s obvious advice to give in some ways, but it makes an immense difference. With your customer service staff, it is especially important advice, given ...more

Quantity vs Quality – How Many Job Boards Should You Be Using?

When reviewing your recruitment advertising strategy, it’s important to assess all options – this includes LinkedIn, aggregators and, of course, job boards. But the question that many companies find themselves asking is, is it important to cover a wider breadth of job boards, or pool all your efforts into just one or two? Cost will ...more