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3 Ways an ATS Can Reduce Your Recruitment Costs

When considering using an applicant tracking system (ATS), the concept of saving money doesn’t usually spring to mind. Purchasing an ATS is often seen as an expense when, in reality, it should be seen as an investment. It might be tough to recognise the ROI that recruitment software can bring but pretty much every feature ...more

5 steps to integrate someone new into your team

So you’re happy with the results that your applicant tracking system has given you and you’ve got a new person joining your team shortly – but will they be as good a fit to your team as they seemed they would be in the interview? You won’t want to take any chances with this, which ...more

How do you get candidates interested in a mundane job?

Sometimes, you may fear that there are certain openings at your company with which even the most sophisticated recruitment advertising agency can’t help you. They’re just too lame, uninteresting low-paying jobs, to which all of the usual talk about employer branding and candidate personas may seem barely applicable. The good news is that there are ...more

These 3 things will help to shorten your hiring process

Few things that your company will ever do are as important as getting the right staff on board. It’s therefore hardly surprising that recruitment can be a longwinded process at times. But that’s no good. Every delay can heighten the risk that top candidates simply decide to look elsewhere – so what things will help ...more

One of your key players just quit! What now?

A valuable employee opting to leave your company is probably the last thing you need. Understandably, you may be disappointed or even aggrieved at their decision. Ultimately, though, life goes on, and you need to have a plan as to what happens next. Ask any number of recruitment companies, and they’ll tell you that your ...more