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3 elements of your recruitment process that may be less than helpful

Sometimes, your firm’s worst enemy in the hiring process may not be market conditions, financial limitations or even certain candidates consistently being ‘the one that got away’. Instead, you may need to scrutinise parts of your own company’s recruitment process to ensure you aren’t self-sabotaging. Here are just a few of the potential problem areas. ...more

What factors will influence how much your employees are paid?

Deciding on the appropriate level of pay for each of your workers can be a tricky task indeed. After all, your employees will need to be paid a certain amount if they aren’t to stray in the direction of other companies. However, you also can’t afford to pay more than your business’s budget allows. So, ...more

How can video make the candidate experience better?

Creating the right impression of your company among candidates is vital, which is why the candidate experience has become such a big area of focus for employers in recent years. A candidate who has a negative experience when applying for a job with your company probably won’t keep quiet about it. Indeed, they are likely ...more

To succeed in recruitment today, you need to think like a marketer

There may have been a time when your HR department simply being good at locating talent and filling its talent pools to the brim was enough to ensure it always landed the best candidates. But of course, things change, and the current environment is one in which candidates are often the ones in control. That’s ...more

Which is best for attracting talent: job boards or digital marketing?

At a time when it can seem as difficult as ever for so many firms to source suitable candidates, your organisation may understandably be reviewing whether it is adopting the right talent-search approaches in 2018. Consider the long-time rivalry between job boards and digital marketing, for example. Some HR departments think job boards are an ...more