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4 Tips to Help Charities Reduce Their Hiring Costs

Charities and not-for-profit organisations within the UK have lost more than £3.8 billion in government grants over the past 10 years. As such, HR departments within charities are under a great deal of pressure to reduce the cost of their recruitment, while still attracting high quality candidates. This means that teams are often stretched and ...more

5 ways to find employees that make a difference

Finding an employee that will make a long-lasting difference to your organisation isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Of course, training and development can play a crucial role in the effectiveness of your workforce, but starting out by hiring the right employees is essential. To assist you in finding the right candidates for your ...more

5 tips for recruiting the ideal employee

No one ever said that finding the right employee for your organisation was always easy. For example, while you may wish to follow the standard recruitment procedures that have long been proven to bring success, you will also probably wish to encourage diversity and find a candidate who stands out. Fortunately, the tried-and-tested techniques we ...more

Back to Basics: Job Adverts

Writing effective job adverts is a skill that can take a while to master. And while HR professionals know that job adverts are important, many simply lack the time to spend refining their advertising. Webrecruit’s aim is to make things a bit easier. We’ve previously written lots of blog posts about constructing job adverts – ...more

2 powerful ways to improve your candidate experience

It should go without saying that the delivery of a positive candidate experience is one of the most crucial parts of the recruitment process. Not only will you want to get the best out of potential hires during this process, but you will also want them to enjoy the experience and associate your brand with ...more