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Why Your Interview Questions Really Are All-Important

It’s easy to lapse into asking the same old routine questions during an interview. After all, you’ve possibly done this a million times before as a hiring manager, and you may have even had decent results so far. Although relatively recent industry developments like talent management software may make hiring simpler, even they will never ...more

Questions to Ask When Setting up a Recruitment Advertising Contract

It has been reported that jobseekers use, on average, a total of 16 different sources when searching for a role. This statistic – from the Candidate Behaviour Survey by Careerbuilder – highlights the importance of for employers to use a range of complementary resources to advertise their jobs to ensure the best level of reach. ...more

Recruitment Marketing: Going Beyond Filling a Vacancy

Does your organisation have an online presence? Good. In that case, we’re presuming that you’re almost certainly aware of content marketing, and are probably actively engaged in it. But have you considered just how much online marketing has to do with online recruitment? The two things have a lot in common. Any content marketing expert ...more

How you can lighten your HR workload with an ATS

Of all of the British workers who could legitimately claim to be overworked, HR managers surely must be near the top of the list. From managing relations between employees and ensuring legal compliance to making policy recommendations as well as, of course, actually hiring people, there’s a lot for any high-ranking HR professional to think ...more

3 ways you could be turning off dream candidates

Most of us who have ever tried to pursue a romantic relationship will know the pain that tends to come with the object of our affections rejecting us. Try as you might to impress them, sometimes, that still doesn’t stop them being more interested in someone else. The hiring process can be very similar. You ...more