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Is Your Candidate Experience Up to Scratch?

Providing a positive candidate experience is important; most businesses recognise this. However, unless you have a dedicated in-house recruitment function, it can be difficult for HR professionals to find the time to provide updates and feedback to every single candidate who applies for a vacancy. Delivering a positive candidate experience is crucial as it can ...more

How to develop your high-potential employees

If you are looking to hire somebody for a new management or leadership role, you may use recruitment software to find the ideal candidate ‘in the wild’, or you could recruit internally, picking out an existing employee who is ripe for greatness. Working with a member of staff already employed within your organisation could bring ...more

6 ways you can make your new employees feel welcome

Employing a new member of staff can be both an exciting and daunting time for all involved. Whether you have relied on the help of recruitment experts or you have recruited in-house, the first few days on the job can be a telling time for both the employee and employer – are they really suitable ...more

5 Things That Need to Be On Your Careers Page

A careers page is an excellent tool to help give your candidate attraction strategy a boost. Careers pages are slightly different to careers sites (read about the difference in our blog, 5 Differences Between a Careers Page and a Careers Site) but their overarching purpose is the same; to act as a destination for jobseekers ...more

6 methods for assessing talent – how effective are they?

Finding suitable talent for your open position isn’t always easy. Although suit-and-tie interviews do work, it may be time for your organisation to consider investing in recruitment technology or employing new assessment techniques. Below, we’ve rounded up six of the most popular methods of talent assessment and determined whether we think they are effective for ...more