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To build a great team, you need to make great hires

You’ve probably read countless times before about how the best teams are bigger than the sum of their parts, but does that mean you don’t need to pay attention to those ‘parts’? Of course not. It just means that you need to ensure that all of those different workers are committed to your wider team’s ...more

Does a low cost of hire matter above all else?

It’s a question that is frequently asked of the average recruitment consultant in Leeds, as if taking on a new recruit for your company is much the same as buying a new car or working out the cheapest possible taxi fare. Sure, maybe such comparisons are perfectly legit – but not necessarily in the ways ...more

How to manage your workforce’s different age groups

Age isn’t supposed to be a factor in your use of recruitment software to hire new workers – indeed, if it is for you, you’re on the wrong side of equality law. Nonetheless, it might be tempting for your company to imagine that everything would be so much easier if everyone in your firm was ...more

Why you can’t afford to dither over recruitment decisions

Recruitment agencies like ours have been saying it repeatedly lately, but the message hasn’t necessarily been getting through to everyone: it really is an employee’s market right now. Hiring by no means slows down during the summer, so you shouldn’t hesitate to extend a job offer when you have a great candidate on your hands. ...more

6 ways to measure the quality of your hires

So you’ve hired someone, and want to gauge their effectiveness in the job so that you can apply the lessons to your future staff recruitment in Manchester. There are various subjective (intangible, ‘gut feeling’) and objective (tangible and measurable) ways in which you can assess the quality of your hire – but what are they? ...more