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The A-Z of Employer Branding

So, you’ve heard about the concept of employer branding and all the statistics suggest that you should be investing in it. In fact, 72% of UK talent acquisition leaders say that employer branding has a significant impact on hiring, according to LinkedIn’s 2015 UK Recruiting Trends report. But what exactly is employer branding? And how ...more

4 Considerations for Securing Stakeholder Buy-In for Recruitment Software

Getting your stakeholders to see value and invest in recruitment software for your organisation can be a challenge. But, challenge or not, getting them all on board is a must. An excellent way to get your stakeholders to listen is to present your case in a professional format. For this, Webrecruit advises building out a ...more

Is your star employee about to quit?

Have you talked to your recruitment company in Leeds about employee turnover and retention? There’s no organisation that can be complacent about this – it’s an issue even if you think you are doing well, and is a particular danger for small businesses. There are certain warning signs that staff planning to leave can give ...more

5 ways to build a winning team

Staff recruitment in Exeter isn’t just about getting the right people on board – it’s also about turning those people into winners, as part of the complete team. We all know about successful teams in the sporting world – such as the swaggering league-winning Manchester United squads under Sir Alex Ferguson and the Chelsea team ...more

What does a non-optimised careers site mean for the candidate journey?

The recruitment market is changing, and is driven by the candidate once again. Consequently, recruiters and HR professionals are having to hone their candidate attraction strategy, in an attempt to draw the attention of the right applicants. Many turn to recruitment software, such as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and careers sites, to give them the ...more