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4 ways to shake up your hiring process

Has your recruitment process management changed since the day of the Dodo? It’s amazing how archaic some firms’ hiring practices can be. Mind you, that’s also understandable to some extent. As human beings, we can get a little too used to what we’ve always done, even if it’s long stopped working. But the modern workplace ...more

Should you hire someone who ‘just wants a job’?

We know what you’re thinking, reading that title. What could be worse than recruiting staff who don’t even specifically want to work for your company? These are the people, after all, who don’t even carefully research your company and vacancy prior to interview. However, this wouldn’t necessarily make one of them a bad employee. Quite ...more

6 Reasons Why Your Application Numbers Are Decreasing

“My application numbers are lower than usual” “I’m really struggling to fill my vacancies at the moment” “The candidates I’m looking for just aren’t applying for my roles” Do any of these sound familiar? Low application numbers could be a result of a number of factors, both internal and external. However, when evaluating your managed ...more

5 Tips for Your Next Volume Recruitment Project

Many businesses depend on volume recruitment for a variety of reasons, whether it’s expansion, a new project or changing requirements within the company. Either way, it’s important to ensure you are sourcing the right candidates to represent your organisation and your values. Volume, however, can sometimes make this difficult. The following from Webrecruit covers back-to-basic ...more

Why you must embrace the new reality of recruitment

Are you putting off investment in that brand spanking new recruitment software? Perhaps you think you can carry on pretty much as you’ve always done? Many employers think this even when they’re struggling along trying to build a talent pool in Excel, or constantly losing paper cover letters and CVs. But you can’t ignore the ...more