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5 steps to building a brilliant employer brand

As important as good recruitment software is for ensuring that you hire the right people, those people won’t want to work for you in the first place if you lack a great employer brand. An employer brand is effectively the collection of values, outward messages and behaviours that determines the image of your company in ...more

How to spot these 3 potential problem candidates

Most employers that have worked extensively with a recruitment agency in Exeter will probably be familiar with the phenomenon of the ‘good hire gone bad': the person who looked like a brilliant recruit on their CV and in the interview room, but who quickly turned out to be anything but on the actual job. It’s ...more

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Attract Top Talent

For small businesses, recruitment can sometimes be a struggle. It might be that you’re based in an area of the UK where there are huge global companies snapping up all the best talent. Or you might not have established an effective recruitment advertising strategy to attract the right candidates. Whatever your main issue is, it’s ...more

2 ways to get candidates to notice your company online

The online space has certainly made a massive difference to how recruitment companies do their work – and it should make a big difference to your own organisation’s hiring practices, too. What do we mean by that? Well, at the very least, you should be making your opportunities ‘discoverable’ by potential candidates on the web. ...more

3 ways you could be putting off great candidates

Even your company having the right recruitment software on board doesn’t necessarily guarantee consistent hiring success, with failure often attributable to a lack of appreciation of how the process is experienced by the candidate. After all, just put yourself in the candidate’s shoes, and think about how nerve-wracking it was for you to apply for ...more