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Just recruited someone? Your work isn’t over yet

It’s always a time of excitement and trepidation when you take on a new employee. Will they be up to the job? Will they sink or swim? Or perhaps more pertinently, have you done everything that you can to ensure that your new recruit will be a success? Yes, there are definitely right and wrong ...more

The 3 secrets of hunting for passive talent

Are you currently struggling to fill your latest vacancy? Are you finding that the quality of your candidates is just not up to scratch? Sometimes when you are striving to fill senior roles with high skill sets, such as Sales Director, CEO or Marketing Manager roles, it might be time to consider looking for passive talent. Passive ...more

Is your advert getting in front of the right candidates?

We all know that recruitment advertising is important; having a web-optimised job advert maximises your response rates and ensures that it appears at the top of the results for online job searches. But how can you ensure that the right people see it? Some HR professionals might assume that targeting their latest vacancy to one ...more

5 no-nos for firms hiring on social media

Popular social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can be indispensable headhunting tools in the year 2014 – but are you inadvertently deterring candidates from applying for your roles? It’s not enough just to incorporate social media into your recruitment software, as is possible with our own WR-Fusion software here at Webrecruit. That’s because you ...more

4 of the Best Reports to Generate using an Applicant Tracking System

Do you know which job boards and advertising platforms are providing you with the best ROI? Understand which supplier generates your most ‘quality’ applications? As your recruitment efforts ramp up, measuring the success of your sourcing without the assistance of recruitment software can become a cumbersome for many busy in-house recruitment managers. Reporting on the ...more