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How to write a job description for a Sales Manager

Even if you’re used to working with a fantastic recruitment agency, filling an important position within your business can be tricky. When it comes to recruiting your next Sales Manager, you need to ensure that the successful candidate will deliver results, as well as slotting into your company seamlessly. So, how can you be sure ...more

How to be more successful at sales executive recruitment

Every company wants to hire better sales executives, rather than have to dip repeatedly into their talent pools for new recruits to replace under performers. Yet, so many firms find successful sales executive recruitment tough – and there are various reasons for that. Yes, you’ll be more successful if you know and use the right ...more

5 Signs that You’ve Made the Wrong Hire

You might think that you’ve been pretty thorough in your latest office recruitment drive. You may think that you have asked the right interview questions, got the right answers and made the right choice of candidate – only to be jerked into insecurity when your hire starts to let you down. It happens so often ...more

How to Calculate your Recruitment Agency Usage

Recruiting the right staff for your business is an important process. However, as a busy member of the senior management team, you might not always have the time or the resources to sift through an endless stream of CVs and find your perfect candidate. This is why many smaller companies turn to recruitment agencies to ...more

How to build a brilliant employer brand

Are you sick of “spraying and praying”? Avoiding this is doubtless one reason why you’ve got in touch with a recruitment agent in Manchester like Webrecruit, but there’s something else that’ll make hiring so much easier – a great employer brand. Don’t send out mixed messages You’d be amazed how many companies give a confused ...more