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The big difference Google+ could make to your HR recruitment

Amazingly, Google+ is now second only to Facebook in terms of user numbers – yes, even more than Twitter and LinkedIn. But it’s not necessarily the first social network employers think of when looking to build an online recruitment presence. However, Google+ activity is also exerting an ever-stronger pull on regular Google search results. It ...more

Jobseeker Behaviour with Recruitment Technology Report: Free Download

Recruitment is in the middle of a dramatic transformation, fuelled by new technology and how job seekers search and apply for their next role. If you have recently attended a networking event on candidate attraction, you may have started to see a common theme rearing its head: mobile and technology. Or rather, mobile behaviour and ...more

When should your small business start recruiting staff?

It’s easy for your business to begin hiring people just because you’ve met someone who’d be great at  a particular job, or even just to look like a bigger, more established company. Both of these, however, are definitely the wrong reasons to do so. There are various questions that you need to ask yourself before ...more

What the New Changes to the Flexible Working Regulations Could Mean for Your Business

It was announced this week (30th June) that employees no longer have to qualify as a ‘parent’ or ‘carer’ in order to request changes to either their place of work or hours. As long as the employee has completed 26 weeks’ service, they can make a flexible working request for any reason. This is a ...more

The difference Pinterest can make to your marketing recruitment

Of all of the social media networks that would help you with your marketing recruitment, you probably wouldn’t have expected Pinterest to be one of them. That place where people pin up photos of floral decorations and fruity cocktails? How would that be of any use to a hiring manager? It could be quite a ...more