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3 Things to Consider When Creating a Code of Conduct Between HR and Line Managers

As an HR professional, you’ll most likely have a system and requisition process in place when it comes to recruiting a new member of staff. So, naturally it can prove frustrating when other stakeholders bypass this process in an attempt to speed up your recruitment activities. Although it’s understandable why a line manager might choose ...more

Why reputation is so important to your small business recruitment

Small businesses have often found it difficult to recruit the right people, particularly when they haven’t been around for very long. But do you know what else makes things tough? A bad reputation. It’s becoming a particular bane to those involved in online recruitment. They’re focussed on finding the most Internet-savvy candidates, but these candidates ...more

Hire the right person by asking about job structure and work style

Whether it’s HR, IT, engineering or marketing recruitment that you’re involved in, you’ll want to get your next hire right first time around. After all, research suggests that just one wrong recruit could cost you thousands of pounds a year. Teams are less productive and shoulders slump when the wrong person is in the office. ...more

4 Reasons to Use Standalone Recruitment Software over HR Recruitment Software Bolt-Ons

HR software is a popular tool amongst many busy HR departments. With functionality including organisational charts, absence reporting and holiday management, it can prove a highly valued asset for many. Many HR software systems come with a recruitment software module, which is either included from the outset or can be bolted on if you find ...more

Why top candidates aren’t coming to your top company

Even if you’re a top company, you don’t want to stay still – of course you don’t. Whether you’re engaged in staff recruitment in Exeter, Leeds, Manchester or somewhere entirely different, you’re always trying to attract more top talent so that you can maintain or heighten your market competitiveness. There’s just one problem, though… that ...more