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What marks out the best small business recruitment software?

There are quite a few ways your small business can get a leg up in the recruitment game. You could scout for hires via social media, tap into online talent communities or brand your careers page. But have you considered how much more efficiently you could hire with dedicated recruitment software? Don’t underestimate the power ...more

How to get the most out of recruitment videos

It’s vital to recruit staff of the right calibre to keep your company growing, but there surely has to be a more efficient way of doing it than the traditional CV-assessment-and-interview? Well, as it happens, there is, and it perfectly fits into the recruitment landscape of 2014 that increasingly resembles a fusion of recruitment and ...more

How Low Cost Travel Group Brought Recruitment In-house – Saving £78k in the Process [A Webrecruit Case Study]

Many businesses are looking at how a direct sourcing strategy can attract top talent by using the power of their brand and internal resources.  However, making the transition from being 90% reliant on agencies to becoming a fully fledged in-house resourcing team is seen as a challenge by some. lowcosttravelgroup, a rapidly growing award-winning business, ...more

How to Audit your Application Form Process (Candidate Experience)

So your recruitment advert is live and you’re patiently waiting for your applications to arrive, but what do you do if the response rate isn’t as high as you were hoping? Did your recruitment agency not position your role correctly? Is your job advert not enticing enough? Are you using the wrong job boards? It ...more

5 routes to better sales recruitment interviews

There could barely be a more important task for a hiring manager than getting the right sales professional. Don’t be casual or unprofessional about it – instead, ask the questions necessary to ensure your new sales recruit is a good listener, as well as handy at asking questions themselves. The next time you launch a ...more