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September sees slowdown in job and salary growth

If any recruitment agency in Exeter, Manchester, Leeds or elsewhere in the United Kingdom wishes to get a comprehensive overview of the current state of the country’s labour market, there’s only one place they need to look: the latest Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and KPMG Report on Jobs. There was certainly plenty in the ...more

How to avoid ‘snap’ recruitment decisions

Enough things can go wrong with your staff recruitment in Leeds, without you also making ‘snap’ judgements on hires. Why are these such a bad thing? Simple: they cause the erroneous elimination of great candidates, and can land you with someone who just isn’t a fit for your company culture or the specific demands of ...more

How to make the most of social media recruiting

The attraction of hiring via social media is obvious. All that it takes is a few minutes setting up a company Facebook or Twitter account, and viola! You have your recruitment platform all ready and waiting to use, free of charge. However, the whole point of social media is the conversations that take place on ...more

Why candidates aren’t necessarily motivated by money

Whenever you engage a recruitment agency in Leeds for your next hiring campaign, it goes without saying that you’ll want to put together the most competitive package. After all, you have plenty of rivals for the top talent. But are you placing too much emphasis on monetary reward? It might seem odd or unbelievable to ...more

5 things to remember when rehiring a former employee

Picture the scene… you’re sifting through those CVs, and a name pops out – it’s someone who’s worked for your company before. What’s more, they did a pretty good job last time. They’re probably a safe bet then, right? There won’t be too much training to do, and they already know your business, possibly inside ...more