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Shortages mean tricky time for engineering recruiters

Has your engineering recruitment drive stalled recently amid a lack of suitably skilled candidates? You are certainly not alone, if the latest Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)/KPMG Report on Jobs is anything to go by. Indeed, across the sectors, the monthly study found declining levels of both permanent and temporary staff availability, alongside a steep ...more

5 great reasons to conduct video interviews

It’s not so long ago that interviewing candidates as part of your customer service recruitment drive involved so much more legwork than it does now. You would have to sift through loads of paper CVs, decide who to invite to interview and ensure that they could actually make the appointment at your office at a ...more

In-House Recruitment Vs Recruitment Agencies: Friend or Foe?

Should we bring recruitment in-house? At some stage this thought is likely to have crossed the minds of many busy HR professionals, when looking at how they can improve their existing recruitment methods. Building an in-house recruitment strategy is definitely worth considering as a way of addressing high recruitment cost, but is doing it alone ...more

The big difference Google+ could make to your HR recruitment

Amazingly, Google+ is now second only to Facebook in terms of user numbers – yes, even more than Twitter and LinkedIn. But it’s not necessarily the first social network employers think of when looking to build an online recruitment presence. However, Google+ activity is also exerting an ever-stronger pull on regular Google search results. It ...more

Jobseeker Behaviour with Recruitment Technology Report: Free Download

Recruitment is in the middle of a dramatic transformation, fuelled by new technology and how job seekers search and apply for their next role. If you have recently attended a networking event on candidate attraction, you may have started to see a common theme rearing its head: mobile and technology. Or rather, mobile behaviour and ...more