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4 Courses to put your HR Advisors on

Looking to boost the skills and knowledge of your HR department to help you in your quest to bring recruitment in-house? If so, it might be worth encouraging your team to study towards a professional qualification. Chances are that more senior HR employees are likely to already have a recognised HR qualification under their belts ...more

5 Ways Recruitment Software Can Make All the Difference

All manner of technological changes may have swept through the hiring process in recent years, but that doesn’t mean that every company automatically adopts them. There’s certainly no shortage of HR managers out there still sifting through paper application forms, or only ever interviewing candidates at their own premises. Are you one of those who ...more

5 mistakes to avoid when you next recruit

There could barely be a more important task for your company than hiring the right staff – so why do so many HR managers do it in such a sloppy manner? Here are some of the errors that we see most often as a leading recruitment company in Manchester. 1. Too fixed an idea of ...more

Why you need to stop using spreadsheets to manage your recruitment

Are you still using Excel spreadsheets to manage your recruitment? With the recent advances in the capability of recruitment software, many HR professionals are embracing recruitment software over paper-based methods. And, with data revealing that 88% of spreadsheets contain errors (according to Market Watch), it is not surprising that many are turning to more reliable ...more

5 signs that you’ve made the right hire

Recently, we wrote an article on how to spot when you’ve hired the wrong person. Such was its popularity that we reckoned we’d flip it round to the positive side – how to tell that you’ve made the right hire. After all, those vital first few weeks shouldn’t just be about picking out faults. They’re ...more