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10 things that mark out brilliant employees

Written by Guest Author | August 24, 2015 | 0 Comments
shutterstock_237683398You shouldn’t need a recruitment agency in Leeds like Webrecruit to point out to you that there’s no such thing as the perfect hire. However, there’s still an immense difference between the very best and the mediocre – which could have great and long-lasting implications for your company.
If you want an employee who will power your firm to new heights instead of draining it of money, productivity and morale, make sure they possess the below traits.
1. Strong work ethic and drive to improve.
If a person wants to achieve anything in life, they need work ethic. It doesn’t matter how passionate and intelligent a candidate is if they aren’t willing to work hard.
2. Positive outlook.
Be careful with this one – your employees should be realistic about what can be achieved, but optimistic about genuinely attainable goals.
3. Great sense of accountability.
Does your staffer take responsibility for their mistakes, in the knowledge that learning from these is a necessary part of the growth and development process?
4. Professional appearance.
Whether it’s fair or not, looks do count in life, so smart presentation is essential for making the right impression on colleagues and clients alike.
5. The utmost integrity.
As a person, not just as an employee.
6. The determination to see work through to completion.
Not just for that one ‘critical’ project, but for everything that their company does.
7. Emotional intelligence.
Is this a person who can get along with the wide range of people that they may come into contact with in your employ?
8. Strong communication skills.
It’s not just about being able to make a point clear – it’s also about treating people with friendliness and respect.
9. Confidence in many different settings.
Can they act as a great ambassador for your company, while understanding and appreciating other people’s points of view?
10. Foresight.
Can they spot trends and anticipate where your firm’s industry is going, and the adjustments that will be necessary to maintain competitiveness? Can they also pick out emerging issues within your company?
These most certainly aren’t the only key characteristics in a good employee, but they are certainly among the most important to be kept in mind by jobseekers, hiring teams and – of course – any good recruitment agency in Leeds, Exeter or Manchester.

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