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3 top tips for recruitment success in 2014

Written by Kimberley Startup | January 23, 2014 | 1 Comment
Checklist-260x300Getting flooded with information on how to improve your recruitment this year?
The internet is a great place to research for ideas and direction when planning out a strategy, but it can also cause information overload.
Predicting what is on the horizon for staff recruitment in 2014 can be a tricky terrain but to aid you on your way the Webrecruit team have highlighted our 3 top tips; get these tips in action and you will see a noticeable improvement in your recruitment success for 2014.

Tip 1 – Think like a marketer

Brand, brand and brand some more. Recruiters ranked talent branding as one of their top competitive threats for 2013, according to a survey by Linkedin. Companies who can get their marketing heads on and take a new approach on boasting their brand association will have a significant competitive advantage in 2014.
Although more and more companies are beginning to embrace the importance of employer branding, the problem remains that few businesses are implementing it successfully.
We have covered the topic of employer branding previously on the Webrecruit blog, check out these posts for some further reading:
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Tip 2 – Embrace and advance your mobile strategy

A huge buzzword in the world of recruitment right now is mobile, but much focus still remains on the mobile optimisation of career sites. This is, without doubt, an important first step, but in line with this the full application process needs to be considered via a mobile device.
Stats highlighted in 2014 online recruitment trends – mobile recruitment, a recent blog covering mobile recruitment, from us here at Webrecruit, revealed that 7 out of 10 people have already searched for jobs on a mobile device. The shift towards browsing for jobs via mobile devices is fast being followed by increased demand to be able to apply for roles via mobile also.
If you’re looking for an answer to implement a mobile recruitment system, request information on WRFusion, Webrecruit’s NEW recruitment software which can enable your mobile candidates to search, save, and apply for your careers anytime, anywhere.

Tip 3 – Collect and delve into data

Knowing which data you require to allow you to perform reviews and analyse on your current processes is key for being able to spot weaknesses within your staff recruitment.
By asking your new starters to complete surveys, you are able to collect qualitative data against your employer brand and their expectations enabling you to spot opportunities to strengthen it going forward.
If you aren’t already using an applicant tracking system (ATS) in your recruitment department, we strongly recommend looking into it further. An ATS can automatically pull up data reports for you allowing you to instantly see how many people have applied for your roles, their locations and much more.
WRFusion – Webrecruit’s advanced recruitment software is complete with an Enterprise-level, SaaS ATS system which can enable you to collect data and measure success with a comprehensive set of reports. If you’d like to find out more simply request a brochure here
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One thought on “3 top tips for recruitment success in 2014

  1. RolePoint on Reply

    Great tips! It can be difficult to switch up your recruiting strategies if you’ve been using the same methods for years. However, making a change can do wonders for not only your organization, but also the candidate experience. Your point about mobile was spot-on. Since more and more candidates are using their mobile devices to look for work, it’s in your best interest to see that your career site, job descriptions, and even referral programs are all mobile-compatible. This can give those involved in the recruitment process a smoother experience.

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