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3 Ways to Attract Millennials

Written by Sophie Down | June 18, 2015 | 0 Comments
People-2Generation Y, Millennials, whatever you want to call them – the generation of workers born roughly between the early 1980s and the early 2000s is important, and will only become all the more so.
By 2025, they will be the ones running many a recruitment company in Exeter – and probably your company, too. They bring new and exciting ideas and practices that work right now, not the outmoded methods of the past.
In short, Millennials are the future, whether you want them to be or not, so how can your firm lure more of them?

Offer them flexibility

Once upon a time, there were very clear dividing lines between work time and personal time. These days, in a world of smartphones constantly ringing with client calls and work emails accessible after 5pm, that distinction has become very blurred.
Nor do Millennials exactly mind it that way – in fact, they’re always asking for more flexible schedules and occasional opportunities to work from home.
By giving them precisely these things, you will boost their loyalty and productivity – and your turnover.

Give them a sense of purpose

Millennials need to pay the rent as much as anyone else does, but they’re also the generation who are especially concerned about making the world as a whole a better place.
Your firm doesn’t necessarily need to be a lifesaving charity or hospital, but you do need to demonstrate to Millennials that it ultimately matters in some way.
What great things does your company do that have relevance to the wider world? Does it contribute in some way to worthy causes? What strategic decisions could you get your company’s Millennials involved in?

Make the best impression

You’ll have the best chance of luring a Millennial employee if you can get them passionate about your company from the off.
You aren’t likely to achieve this if, for example, your company website looks like it was last updated in 1998, or the interview room that you welcome them into is dingy and uninviting.
From giving your office a timely revamp to investing in a strong all-round online presence, there are so many ways to make a better impression on those all-important Millennials.
Don’t allow your firm to bite the dust in 2025 because it couldn’t attract enough 20-somethings in 2015 – follow these tips to boost your chances of recruitment joy among this crucial generation.



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