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4 ways of using your company culture to attract candidates

Written by Guest Author | April 28, 2015 | 0 Comments
recruitmentAnyone who has read anything about company culture knows that it is important for those already working for your organisation. When your company culture aligns well with the values and motivations of your staff, great things happen.
What many a hiring manager using a recruitment consultant in Manchester like Webrecruit may not realise, is how much company culture matters to candidates as well.
Don’t believe us? 36% of millennials polled by PWC said that when choosing their current job, the employer’s reputation mattered more than anything else to them. Even starting salary wasn’t given the same importance as that.

Culture is key to the candidate experience

What determines, to a huge extent, your company’s reputation in the eyes of candidates? Your company culture and employer brand. Here are four ways of using your company culture to really hook great people into wanting to work for you.

1. Show that you understand your culture

You can’t wax lyrical about the culture that makes your organisation so great, unless you really understand it. Not only should candidates be in no doubt about your firm’s selling points, but you should show genuine pride about and belief in them. Such enthusiasm is infectious.

2. Make your values clear on your website

Candidates should be aware of your values from the very beginning of your relationship with them. This way, you can be sure of filtering out unsuitable prospects at the earliest possible stage. For many, that relationship begins with a look at your company website, which helps to communicate what your firm stands for to the broadest audience.

3. Place culture front and centre at interview

An organisation that really cares about its culture doesn’t wait for the candidate to bring it up at interview. Instead, the interview will be built around making your company culture clear, and how you expect the candidate to uphold and contribute to it. Ask questions that are designed to assess fit, and use media that places your company culture at the forefront.

4. Demonstrate your culture

Every aspect of how you communicate with candidates is an opportunity to put across your company culture. How you talk to them on the phone, the structure and tone of the interview, how you inform them of the result of the interview… all of these play a part. Candidates want to see signs of a company culture that will suit them, so you should show it throughout your contact with them.

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