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4 ways to send your best employees running for the hills

Written by Guest Author | February 18, 2015 | 0 Comments
shutterstock_216834655This recruitment lark’s all pretty easy, isn’t it? It certainly doesn’t cost you time and money to launch a sales, IT, engineering or retail recruitment drive, so it doesn’t really matter who you hire. Once you do have someone in place, it definitely isn’t important to do everything possible to retain them.
After all, if they do leave, you can always just launch a whole new recruitment drive to replace them, which we’re sure won’t in any way disrupt or distract you from your core business.
We think you can probably detect our sarcasm. However, you’d be surprised just how many employers out there seem to be doing everything possible to ruin their employee retention chances. If you’re one of those firms aspiring to the same, here are our four top tips.

1. Send your employees mixed or wrong messages

Sure, your company needs to make a profit in order to grow, but the most successful organisations also have certain more profound missions and values that they deeply believe in, and which are instrumental to motivating their employees.
But of course, if you’re trying to drive away your workers, you could always just give them the impression that their work is all about boosting the boss’s salary.

2. Don’t bother with training

All of that silly ‘internal training’ stuff… it’s just an excuse for your employees to learn new skills that will have them aspiring to more, isn’t it? You don’t want them to start thinking above their station and eyeing up your job.
Well, the good news is that if you don’t invest in training, they certainly won’t be eyeing up your job. In fact, they won’t be eyeing up any job at your firm, as they will be heading straight out of the door.

3. Keep your teams dull and homogeneous

Your staff are sure to learn something and expand their horizons when you have them work with people of different experiences, ages and skill sets to them… so don’t do this if you’re sick of having staff around.
Instead, keep things simple and safe so that your employees are quickly looking for more interesting growth opportunities elsewhere.

4. Be ludicrously nit-picky

Want to suggest to your employees that they are merely underlings who cannot be trusted, without actually saying as much? Being a interfering busybody is a great way of achieving this.
Measure your workers’ office hours down to the minute instead of looking at their actual output, look over their shoulder constantly for signs of social media use, put them off any time-wasting socialising with their colleagues… these are all fine methods for making your workplace an Orwellian nightmare.
There you have it – four great tips for getting rid of top-performing workers, which is surely the very last thing any ambitious company needs. If you disagree, feel free to speak to Webrecruit about our HR, IT, sales or retail recruitment expertise.

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