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4 ways to shake up your hiring process

Written by Guest Author | May 27, 2015 | 0 Comments
Team work (2)2Has your recruitment process management changed since the day of the Dodo? It’s amazing how archaic some firms’ hiring practices can be.
Mind you, that’s also understandable to some extent. As human beings, we can get a little too used to what we’ve always done, even if it’s long stopped working.
But the modern workplace is fast-moving and ever-changing. By giving the following four techniques a go, you can avoid your hiring processes getting stale.

1. Make your job titles relevant

Sure, a wacky or otherwise ‘different’ job title to the norm may help to make your company stand out – but on the online job boards, they can have the opposite effect.
So, when you’re advertising a vacancy online, ask for a ‘web designer’, ‘accountant’ or ‘programmer’, not a ‘maestro’, ‘guru’, ‘wizard’ or whatever else your target candidates are unlikely to ever enter into the search box.

2. Update your job descriptions

If you’ve lost an employee who spent many years in an important role, the last thing you should do is just reach for whatever job description you were using when you last advertised for the vacancy.
The world – and therefore the requirements for the equivalent post – may have changed hugely since then. You don’t want to scare off or mislead people with an outdated job description, so be sure to give any old ones of yours a timely refresh.

3. Separate the ‘must-haves’ from the ‘nice-to-haves’

Remember that when you’re putting together a job advertisement, every new required qualification or experience that you add to the person specification is taking a potential candidate out of contention for the role.
Sure, there are certain qualifications that are non-negotiable in their importance. But be careful not to overload your advert with qualifications that just aren’t needed. You could be eliminating a dream candidate in the process!

4. Advertise in the right places

It sounds like an obvious one, but are you just using the same old job board you’ve always used? Or are there more industry-specific online portals that you should be using by now? Is your social media recruiting strategy still likely to hook in the right people?
Consider your approach to passive candidates, too. The right recruitment technology – like our own Fusion solution here at Webrecruit – will have provision for the building of talent pools and the compiling of reports, helping to blast your hiring practices straight into the 21st century.
With these simple steps, you can soon stop any emerging rot in your recruitment process management.

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