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5 of our favourite employee onboarding tips

Written by Guest Author | December 12, 2014 | 0 Comments
back to back employeesMaking your new employee feel welcome is one of those things that seems obvious and easy enough, but that never quite turns out that way. How difficult is it to greet your new staff member in a friendly way, give them a tour of the office and introduce them to their new colleagues?
However, employee ‘onboarding’ – as it is known – needs to make the new recruit feel like a true part of the team straight away, and that can be tough.
Here are five great ways to get your new hire settled in nicely from the beginning.

1. Put together a proper welcome strategy

Everyone involved in the recruitment of your new employee has some responsibility to make them feel welcome. You should ask your staff what their own first day was like and what made them feel more accepted, comfortable and appreciated from the start.
This information can be used to formulate an effective strategy that everyone pays attention to.

2. Be genuinely interested in the ‘new boy’ (or girl)

Find out as much as you can about your new employee as a person, and tailor your ‘onboarding’ accordingly, so that they feel appreciated and remembered.
The person in question may be a visual type, in which case, you may give them a note complimenting them. Alternatively, they may be auditory, and therefore prefer hearing good words verbally. If they’re kinaesthetic, a handshake and eye contact may do the job.

3. Assign a mentor or buddy

When you recruit someone new, it’s also a good idea to assign them a naturally supportive member of staff as a mentor or buddy – someone who can show them how things work while providing all of the other support that they need.
It doesn’t need to be done by just one person – you could rotate this responsibility among the other staff in the new hire’s department, for example.

4. Present a personal collage of relevant staff

Any new employee is likely to be anxious about remembering the names and faces of all of the people that they meet. That makes it a good idea to give them a list of staff, right?
Well, you could make that list more effective by making it a collage, complete with not only names and titles, but also photos, favourite hobbies, travel destinations and so on. It’ll certainly give your company a more human face as far as the new hire is concerned.

5. Get them immediately immersed in the company culture

If you want to truly make your new hire feel like a part of the team, there’s nothing like quickly immersing them in your company’s organisational culture. Give them a distinct role. Ask for their input. Involve them in the fun and social things that happen in your workplace. Make sure they never feel left out.
Measures like the above should help the employee onboarding process of any client of a recruitment company in Exeter like Webrecruit.

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