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5 reasons to hire an interim manager

Written by Guest Author | December 8, 2014 | 0 Comments
candidateWhen you need someone on a temporary basis, taking on an interim manager makes sense for many reasons. Of course, unless you offer your interim manager a permanent full-time contract, they aren’t likely to stay around in the long-term, but that may be very much the whole idea.
However long they’re on your payroll for, the right interim manager can certainly boost your firm’s efficiency and effectiveness. Here are five reasons why this can be such a wrongly overlooked area of executive recruitment.

1. They save you money

Not only do interim managers tend to be paid rather less than their permanent full-time counterparts, you don’t need to offer them so many contractual sweeteners – such as health care – to lure them.

2. They’re available straight away

Generally speaking, if you were looking for a more seasoned manager for a long-term role, you’d need to find them at a competing company, with the associated need for any new hire to give their present employer a certain amount of notice.
It means that you could have a several-month wait between the initial hire and your new manager actually starting work with you. That’s not normally the case with interim managers, who you can generally get hold of immediately.

3. They’re experienced and competent

Interim managers also generally have strong CVs, with relevant experience gained across a range of industries and team sizes. They’re therefore capable of handling all manner of issues and challenges, from keeping an eye on company finances to motivating employees.
In short, a good interim manager is a safe pair of hands.

4. They have no baggage

As it’s clear from the beginning of their time with you that they won’t be around forever, interim managers are much less afraid to upset poorly-performing team members or get caught up in office politics. They have no reason to worry about their future with your firm, so will generally focus squarely on what is in your company’s best interests.

5. They can deliver results – fast

Whereas other managers need time to settle in, interim managers are used to rapidly adapting to different company cultures. It means that you can expect them to make a difference within mere days – particularly if they have a track record of quick results.
As you can see, a good interim manager can be extremely impactful, driving your business forward. Allow Webrecruit’s executive recruitment professionals to hunt out the perfect interim manager for your company’s present circumstances.


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