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5 things that candidates look for in a company

Written by Guest Author | July 1, 2015 | 0 Comments
Candidate SearchingIf there’s anything that’s making the task of the average recruitment agent in Manchester so much harder right now, it’s that the current buoyant labour market is favouring jobseekers over many employers. The greater number of companies hiring is giving candidates the luxury of ‘shopping around’ for their next big opportunity.
For your firm to increase its allure to these candidates, it probably needs to offer the following things.

1. Work-life balance

Studies have pointed to work-life balance as a big factor in the happiness of employees. You don’t necessarily need to give your workers loads of time off or at inconvenient times for your business, but consider the small touches that you can make.
Flexible hours? Early closing of the office in the summer? No emails or calls after 5:30pm? These can all make a difference.

2. Recognition for a job well done

Many people like to have their good work acknowledged – and offering this can greatly help to enhance your recruitment, retention and all-round employer brand.
You might provide good feedback privately, or publicly promote a star employee’s achievements in the company newsletter or in a team meeting.

3. Opportunities to grow

You’re shooting your business in the foot if you don’t provide the learning and development opportunities that the highest-performing, most motivated candidates crave.
After all, these are the employees who have the loftiest career goals – and when you help them to reach these goals, you can expect to be paid back in spades with regard to both productivity and loyalty.

4. Job perks

These aren’t necessarily the bumper pay and bonus packages that you might be expecting us to mention. In an SME in particular, ‘perks’ could be something as simple as a well-stocked fridge in the canteen or a pool table in the office.
Perhaps you could also consider a discounted group rate for a gym membership or creating a dedicated office breakout area? These are just some of the many possible ideas.

5. Rewarding work

This might not seem like a revolutionary point for a recruitment agent in Manchester to make, but your employees really do need to be engaged by their work.
The best candidates, in any case, don’t just sit around waiting for their pay packet. Millennials, in particular, often go further in expressing a wish to be able to make the world a better place – so consider the ‘social responsibility’ angle of the vacancy, too.
There’s no greater resource within your company walls than a happy and engaged employee – and when your company is able to attract large numbers of the best of them, you can expect it to really go places.

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