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5 tips that any hiring manager should heed

Written by Guest Author | June 22, 2015 | 0 Comments
Clip BoardAs an organisation’s hiring manager, an awful lot of bucks stop with you. After all, it’s hard to think of many greater responsibilities within a company that recruiting a new staffer, not least given the costs potentially incurred when it all goes wrong.
And there are so many things that hiring managers can get wrong – recruiting someone too quickly, failing to appropriately assess a candidate’s capabilities, not carrying out thorough reference checks…
So, what are five things that you can do to increase your own effectiveness as a HR manager?

1. ‘Own’ the entire process

Hiring managers tend to be given overall responsibility for every part of the recruitment process, from sourcing and selection to appointment and induction. In this role, it is crucial to ensure that the quality of the people who enter your firm is high – so accept ownership of that goal.

2. Develop an employer brand

This admittedly isn’t all the hiring manager’s work. But given that you are the key point of contact between your company and its candidates, you will nonetheless have a major part to play in building and communicating your firm’s employer brand.
What does your organisation stand for? What can it therefore offer to candidates? How is this employer brand to be communicated to candidates? Decisions, decisions…

3. Avoid hiring ‘clones’

Cultural fit is of massive importance when you are looking to take on a new employee. Do they relate to your organisation’s values and are driven by them in their own career?
However, the right ‘cultural fit’ isn’t the same as ‘whoever will fit in’. Remember that you aren’t looking for someone just like you. You are seeking someone who does fit, but who also nonetheless offers something different to push your firm in a distinct direction.

4. Create structured interviews

You’d be amazed by how many hiring managers just go into an interview with a candidate and ask whatever ‘instinctively’ comes to mind. Different candidates end up being asked different questions, giving the hiring manager little means of comparing their performances.
By pre-preparing similar sets of questions for all of your candidates, you can better zoom in on such fundamental factors as skills, experience and cultural fit.

5. Invest in great recruitment software

Again, this might not be solely your decision, but if there’s just one great thing that you can do as a hiring manager, it is to invest in the recruitment software that will make your job so much easier.
Managing applicant information? Building talent pools? Generating customised reports? It can all be done with Webrecruit’s own highly respected Fusion recruitment software.

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