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5 ways to build a winning team

Written by Guest Author | May 18, 2015 | 0 Comments
All hands inStaff recruitment in Exeter isn’t just about getting the right people on board – it’s also about turning those people into winners, as part of the complete team.
We all know about successful teams in the sporting world – such as the swaggering league-winning Manchester United squads under Sir Alex Ferguson and the Chelsea team that has just triumphed under Jose Mourinho – and if there’s one thing that defines those teams, it’s a winning mentality.
Where does that mentality begin? It begins with you, the leader. Here are five things that you must do.

1. Hire for potential

Don’t focus above all on enlisting candidates with the best skill set – choose the ones that have the right mindset, with the determination to learn and grow. These will be the people who give your team its edge.
When you have people with potential, it’s easy to teach them the skills that they need to succeed.

2. Lead by example

Don’t just sit back from afar – have a sense of purpose about you. Your employees won’t just expect you to hold them accountable – they’ll also expect you to set the standard yourself.
You should perform yourself in line with the tactics, direction and strategy that you have set for the rest of your staff.

3. Aim for better

What limits do your team members have? Whatever they are, get them to break those limits – not once, but time and time again.
High-performing teams know that they don’t have a ceiling – there’s always potential for more, so they strive for more and end up punching above their weight.

4. Instill a winning mentality

A great team doesn’t merely tell itself that it is the best – it proves that, constantly. Believing that anything is achievable is one thing, but believing that you will win is another thing altogether.
Don’t disrespect or discount your rivals by any means, but do focus squarely on striving to be the best.

5. Work as a genuine team

Nobody becomes a hero on their own – even those who do seem to achieve staggering solitary feats have a team behind them somewhere.
That’s very much the mentality that your own team should have. Your team members should share a drive for success, supporting each other and pushing to build their ambitions as one group.
Is your team only as strong as its weakest member? Not necessarily – it might be more accurate to say that it is as strong as its leader, an impression that past successful teams of all kinds have certainly borne out.

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