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6 ways to measure the quality of your hires

Written by Guest Author | July 13, 2015 | 0 Comments
Data AnalysisSo you’ve hired someone, and want to gauge their effectiveness in the job so that you can apply the lessons to your future staff recruitment in Manchester.
There are various subjective (intangible, ‘gut feeling’) and objective (tangible and measurable) ways in which you can assess the quality of your hire – but what are they?

Subjective measures

• Level of involvement. A great hire will be at the centre of the action at your company – they’ll be the one who is constantly starting new groups, throwing themselves into existing office projects, encouraging participation from others and generally having a great time.
• Office relationships. Not only do they work well with their colleagues, but they care about their co-workers as people and what is going on in their lives. They’re like this in part because they’re approachable and are just great people to be with.
• Commitment to company values. You need your employees to not just understand what your company stands for, but actually believe in it and live it, day by day. These are the people who make great brand advocates and are more likely to stick around in your organisation.

Objective measures

• Level of productivity. The best hires will consistently aim at and meet the stiffest goals, while helping other members of their team to do the same. These are the workers in your company who set the standard for everyone else, in turn assisting your company to its wider strategic and revenue objectives.
• Understanding of accountability. Does your hire truly understand that the buck for their work stops with them? Do they hold themselves accountable to the deliverables, their higher-ups, their colleagues and the company as a whole? Do they ‘own’ their mistakes and communicate the lesson to their peers so that everyone can learn?
• Leadership of positive, impactful change. You’ll also know that your hire was a great one when they show clear commitment to helping your company to improve. They’ll be the ones who always come forward with suggestions for change, and who are continually seeking to improve their own performance.
As you can see, more than a few ways exist of determining whether your recent hire was indeed ‘the one’. Whatever the outcome from assessing factors like the above, it will doubtless be valuable for when you next undertake staff recruitment in Manchester.

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