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7 tips that will make you better at sales recruitment

Written by Kimberley Startup | April 5, 2013 | 0 Comments
Handshake in the officeWhen it comes to sales recruitment, there’s nothing worse than worrying that your next sales person could cost you money instead of make you money.
Providing the backbone for many companies, it can easily become a risky game when trying to identify the top billers from the non-starters.
So how can you become better at your sales recruitment?
Here are 7 ways that will help you to effectively hire great sales people and create a team billing higher than the rest.
1. Have a strategy to recruit sales people – all the time.
Post a job and keep it running in the background, even when you’re not actively hiring. That way, you can create talent pools and increase your chances of finding a high biller, sooner.
2. Consider the opportunity.
Take an honest look at the role you’re offering, the type of culture you operate in, as well as the on-boarding, educating and training you provide.
Sales recruitment is like pitching to a new client. You must motivate, support and connect with them if you’re planning to win. Otherwise it’s only a matter of time before they will look for something better.
3. Who are you looking to recruit?
If you plan on advertising your role, on or offline as part of your sales recruitment, try and write the advert with the mindset of the type of sales person you’re looking to hire.
4. Describe the financial prospects.
Any sales person who is worth their value is seeking a nice income and you must demonstrate this potential to them. Set gradual expectations and keep your commission structures achievable and simple to assist them with being successful in your business.
5. Explore all avenues.
Use a complementary mix of job boards, social media and offline advertising to ensure your sales recruitment campaign receives the widest reach.
6. Prepare for the interview.
Preparation is key if you want to conduct a good interview. Prepare questions that allow the candidate to communicate and elaborate in detail, and enables you to discover everything about them.
7. What’s their closing pitch?
Closing the interview is a bit like closing the sale. If they’re a good sales professional, this will come instinctively and will probably occur somewhere near the end of the meeting.
Sales recruitment requires attention, time and preparation if you want to be the revenue generator you can only, at this point, dream to be. Next time you embark on your next sales recruitment strategy, try out some of these tips, and hopefully you’ll have a team billing more than the rest.
Do you have any tips for recruiting great sales people? Share them with us below.



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