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Are your current recruitment practices firing blanks?

Written by Guest Author | April 7, 2015 | 0 Comments
shutterstock_193763456Recruiting staff may be relatively easy, but recruiting the right staff most definitely isn’t. Sometimes, it seems that you are continually searching for that proverbial needle in a haystack, and never succeeding.
You’ll need to rigorously assess every candidate and trust your gut feeling – but what else might you be doing to scupper your hiring chances?

Overusing careers fairs

Companies casually signing up for job fairs is much like candidates randomly firing off their CV to anyone and everyone – it’s untargeted and therefore has a low success rate for the amount of money, time and effort invested.
Careers fairs aren’t useless by any means, but if you’re taking this route, carefully consider the kind of people that are likely to turn up at your stand at each and every fair.

Depending on online job boards

Once upon a time, online job boards were the place to look for candidates. Today, with so many such boards around, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by a random mash of applicants, rather than those suitably qualified, seasoned experts that you may be seeking.
That’s why, in addition to job boards, it’s a good idea to attend events where your potential dream candidate is likely to appear – not least as, unlike the Internet, this allows you to immediately meet them in person and get an idea of what they are truly like.

Underestimating social media

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter aren’t just alternative online job boards – they’ve turned the process of recruiting staff upside down. Not only can you use them to advertise your latest vacancies, but they make it so much easier to hunt for talent yourself.
Candidates reveal a lot about themselves on social media sites. Are they making pronouncements on Facebook that would make them a bad ambassador for your company, or do their qualifications on LinkedIn fail to match those on the CV that they sent to you?
Naturally, social media also allows you to pick out guaranteed future stars. It’s wonderful tool for recruiters in 2015, so don’t dismiss it.

Failing to make the most of opportunities

We could list so many more things that your company should be doing in its hiring campaigns, but probably isn’t. Are you keeping an eye on both passive and active candidates? Have you built a talent pool? Is the CV the only thing about the candidate that you check?
There’s no excuse to leave your recruitment practices in the 20th century if you want them to succeed.

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