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Give your employees a career, not just a job

Written by Guest Author | February 27, 2015 | 0 Comments
shutterstock_237683398In all of your discussions and work alongside your chosen recruitment company in Leeds, have you ever considered whether your employees have a career with your firm, or just a job?
If you ask your workers that question, you might be shocked at the response. Past surveys suggest that as many as half or more of your employees may regard themselves as having a job with you – something to earn the money to pay their rent.
But how many of them truly feel that their work for you is a pursuit, a vocation… a career?

Why does the distinction matter?

A person who feels that they have a career with your organisation, and not just a job, is more likely to be truly committed to and engaged with their role.
These are the employees who can see a path for themselves at your company, with plenty of scope to learn, grow and develop. They don’t feel that they’re merely spinning around in circles, and are therefore less likely to be looking towards the exit door.
Showing your workers that they have a career with you can therefore have big benefits for employee retention.

Ways to give them that ‘career’ feeling

By setting your staff members goals on a quarterly as well as a yearly basis, as individuals and as teams, you can force them to look into the future and picture their role at your company in three months’ time, six months’ time and even a year’s time.
It gives your workers a clearer sense of what they need to do to develop professionally, secure promotions and achieve their broader career goals.
It’s also a good idea to conduct what are known as ‘stay’ interviews. These, in contrast to the ‘exit’ interviews that some employers carry out to determine a staff member’s reasons for living, examine whatever concerns the worker may have that may convince them to leave in the future – as well as what could persuade them to stay.
The ‘stay’ interview is therefore a more proactive way of ensuring that you learn about the motivations of your staff and make changes accordingly.
Your workers will be given even more of that all-important ‘career’ feeling if you present them with plenty of professional training opportunities.
Finally, make sure that you have a true meritocracy at your company, where hard work is rewarded in the form of promotion. It could be the final step that really does make your employees feel fully at home at your firm.

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