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How to attract remote workers to your firm

Written by Guest Author | May 8, 2015 | 0 Comments
shutterstock_213020335Long gone are the days when you might have only taken on telecommute staff to reduce your overheads or to fill a skills gap for a one-off assignment. Remote workers are now a firm part of the employment furniture, with recruitment firms recommending them for much more mainstream purposes.
Even just giving an applicant the option to telecommute can make your company so much more attractive, while taking this route also gives you access to talent not just in your town or city, but across the world.
But how do you draw some of the top telecommute talent to your company?

Treat remote applicants with respect

It’s easy to think that staff based far away from your company who would want to work for you would be willing to accept lower pay to make it happen. But there’s also a lot of competition out there, with the sheer choice of remote opportunities likely to make many applicants more, rather than less picky.
You will need to consider what constitutes “competitive pay” for the remote workers that you target. Geography is likely to play a big role here, given the much higher cost of living for candidates in London and the South East, for example, compared to the North East or Scotland.
There’s also a lot of scope to hook in the right workers with the right benefits package. Company laptops or tablets, gym memberships, healthcare… these can all be offered, even to remote candidates.

Assessing a telecommute candidate’s suitability

However, the recruitment of traditional and remote workers isn’t the same in every way. Does the candidate have experience of remote working? If so, they’ll know that it is far from the holiday experience that some of those new to this mode of working presume it to be.
Telecommuting is both socially and technically demanding. The best remote staff will have a track record of motivating themselves and working efficiently, despite the isolation that this method of working entails.
However, nor should you automatically dismiss an otherwise strong candidate who may lack telecommuting experience. Does the person’s CV signal such characteristics as computer literacy and accountability? If so, they still might be your dream remote hire.
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