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How to build a brilliant employer brand

Written by Guest Author | August 21, 2014 | 0 Comments
Brand and recruitmentAre you sick of “spraying and praying”? Avoiding this is doubtless one reason why you’ve got in touch with a recruitment agent in Manchester like Webrecruit, but there’s something else that’ll make hiring so much easier – a great employer brand.

Don’t send out mixed messages

You’d be amazed how many companies give a confused picture of themselves – your firm may even be doing it now. Maybe you like to portray yourself as a place of flexible hours and jeans, when your actual workplace is about long hours and suits? All that this does is attract the wrong kind of candidate, which costs you so much more in the long run.
Sending mixed messages doesn’t do much for your candidate experience, either. Applicants are sure to realise what your company really stands for at interview stage or later, which will do little for your employer brand and wider reputation.
The truth is, you should be proud of your true company culture and leave candidates in no doubt from the start about what your firm is really about. This will then help you to attract the right kind of candidate.

Build an effective careers website

Even if your company has already got a careers site, is it mobile friendly and easy to navigate? Responsive web design is all the rage nowadays, and with good reason – there’s hardly a better way of making your site accessible to the widest range of candidates viewing it via their smartphone or tablet.
Make your careers site interesting, but also appropriate to your intended employer brand with the right text, images and video, and make sure you keep the site up to date. Above all else, candidates should get a sense of what it is truly like to work at your company.

Embrace the social media world

You’re a long way behind the times these days if you aren’t using social media to proactively develop your employer brand.
Don’t adopt a predictable ‘one size fits all’ approach, though. Instead, make more impact in the areas that really matter by only being present on the most relevant social networks in your industry. This is an especially good idea if there’s the risk of leaving certain profiles out of date due to insufficient time to post status updates or tweet.
It’s also worth mastering the most obvious social networks – like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – before considering more specialised platforms.
Make the most of the above tips, and you’ll have an excellent employer brand to assist you alongside your work with a recruitment agent in Manchester such as Webrecruit.

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