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How to pitch the right content to the right job candidates

Written by Guest Author | April 28, 2015 | 0 Comments
shutterstock_178037114At times like now, when the jobs market is booming, the employee has a stronger hand, and there’s a greater need for the employer to do the selling.
Much of your power as an employer resides in the right recruitment advertising – not just pitching it right, but pitching it in the right place as well.
A key element of attracting the right candidate is attracting the right level of experience in that candidate. Are you looking for a fresh and motivated graduate, just embarking on a career, or a seasoned professional looking for that next challenge?

Does your advertising appeal to your target candidate?

It’s so easy to think that content tailored to someone without much professional experience – such as a graduate – has to be ‘dumbed down’ in comparison, and that the more established worker would appreciate longer and more detailed copy.
However, this isn’t necessarily so. Graduates with a serious interest in breaking into a particular industry, for example, will probably be perfectly aware of the prevalent trends and technologies in their sector.
Meanwhile, many seasoned workers lack the time to sift through dense amounts of copy about a job opportunity. That said, they still expect the content that they do read to be informative, weighty and well-researched.

Packaging content for maximum impact

While tailoring your copy to your specific audience is crucial, you will also need to carefully consider how that audience consumes content to strike the right note with your recruitment advertising.
If you’re targeting content at graduates, for instance, making it mobile and tablet-friendly should go without saying. 77% of 16 to 24-year olds own a smartphone, according to a 2013 Ofcom study, so you otherwise risk missing a huge chunk of suitable candidates.
However, with a Reuters report in 2013 also suggesting that 79% of people used their smartphone for “accessing quick news updates during the day” rather than long-form content, you’ll still need to make your advertising instantly engaging.
Consider how strong images, videos, bullet points and other media and formatting approaches can help to quickly and powerfully communicate your message.

Finally… promote your content in the right places

Social media is an obvious source of news for audiences across the age groups and experience levels, but even here, different approaches will allow you to really amplify your content for particular audiences.
Studies have shown that Facebook and Twitter remain the platforms on which to target under-25s. LinkedIn, meanwhile, is where many of the most experienced professionals congregate, in order to extend what may be already-strong networks.
Even industry-specific social networks have come to the fore in recent times, meaning even greater scope for employers to pitch their recruitment advertising in the most advantageous parts of the web.
When putting out recruitment content online, a suitably tailored and targeted approach can make all of the difference.

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