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How to replenish your talent pool

Written by Sophie Down | February 13, 2015 | 0 Comments
shutterstock_222293038There’s a good reason why our WR-Fusion recruitment software here at Webrecruit incorporates a comprehensive Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that enables you to build talent pools with ease: they’re an integral part of the modern hiring process.
Just imagine never having to desperately scramble for top candidates when you lose a key member of your team. Instead, you’ve got a bank of great people that you can dip into. That means no time and money spent posting vacancies on job boards or sifting through old applications.
This is what a great talent pool gives you. It’s a rich source of potential candidates who have already shown some level of engagement with your business. But if your own talent pool is presently on the wane, here are some great ways of replenishing it.

Identify the right people

Who makes a great person for your talent pool? Anyone who has previously indicated an interest in working for you – it’s that simple. Those who applied for a role with your company but weren’t quite the right fit at the time, current employees seeking a new internal position, people who have left the company… they all count.

Add those people to your talent pool

A great talent pool isn’t just created and then left alone – it needs to be constantly nurtured. That’s why you should have a strategy for building up your contacts list, and there’s nothing quite as effective as our own WR-Fusion recruitment software for picking out promising people who have applied for positions with you in the past.
If you do think a previously rejected candidate could be a good fit for a future position with your firm, you should inform them of your wish to place them in your talent pool for future consideration.

Keep your talent pool engaged!

There’s not much point keeping interested parties in your talent pool if they don’t stay interested. To ensure that they remain engaged, you should be sure to keep sharing interesting information with them – such as by maintaining a regularly-updated company blog, sending out newsletters and encouraging social media dialogue.
You may also use recruitment videos across your organisation’s online presence and contribute to career-related discussions online. It all helps to give you more recognition as an employer brand, as part of the most coherent and effective strategy for growing your talent pool.

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