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How to update your candidate screening process

Written by Sophie Down | February 6, 2015 | 0 Comments
shutterstock_212193757In your discussions with your recruitment agency, one of the topics that is almost sure to come up is candidate screening. It’s a lot different to what it used to be in the old days – or at least, it is for the leading hirers. But are you living in the past with your own candidate screening?
In today’s much more transparent world, it shouldn’t be good enough for your candidate to merely have a good paper CV and cover letter. Indeed, you may no longer use them at all.
From a bit of Google and social media vetting to the use of recruitment software – such as our own WR-Fusion package – to compare candidates and build detailed reports, there are now so many more ways to screen applicants effectively to stop yourself making a bad hire.

Why the old ways aren’t always the best

As a recruiter, you’re looking for objective information on a candidate to decide their true suitability for a role, which you certainly won’t find much of in a cover letter or CV, given that the whole purpose of such things is to only communicate the applicant’s good qualities.
It’s not as if you can even necessarily credit the candidate much for the spelling and grammar skills on their CV or cover letter, as both documents are likely to have been checked by someone else first.
References, too, are flawed as they can so easily merely come from friends who want to do an applicant a favour. As for hiring someone to investigate the candidate’s past for a more objective view… well, that would be pretty expensive to do for all of your most promising candidates.

The elements of a modernised screening process

These drawbacks of the more traditional methods are why you’re much better off these days performing a quick Google search for the candidate’s name, which is a good way of bringing up social media pages as well as anything that the person is famous for – such as criminal convictions.
Social media itself offers wealth of advanced tools for discovering more about a candidate, as we make easier ourselves through the available social media modules for our WR-Fusion recruitment software.
Whether you look on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or elsewhere, it’s just possible that you may find something that kills all likelihood of this candidate being ‘the one’ – or conversely, something impressive that clinches the deal.
Combine this process with the right pre-screening interview questions, and you have the template of a truly great candidate screening process. Contact Webrecruit today about our highly functional recruitment software that takes so much of the hassle and stress out of hiring.

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