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How to use social media to boost your talent pool

Written by Guest Author | July 2, 2015 | 0 Comments
People-entering-computer-[Converted]Social media is no longer just one of those things that other individuals or companies do. Indeed, it seems at times that those who don’t have a Facebook or Twitter presence might as well be living in prehistoric times.
Quite simply, social media has an unavoidable impact on how your company does business. Hiring is no different. Alongside the use of the right recruitment software, it makes a lot of sense to build your talent pool by reaching for candidates precisely where they like to gather.
That is especially pertinent advice if you are hiring graduates. After all, this generation of university leavers is really the first ‘Facebook generation’! Here is our advice for catching and adding them to your talent pool.

Build up your online presence

If your company somehow still lacks a social media presence, now is the time to start one. Even if it has one already, do you have a following of relevant, high quality social networkers who have a real interest in your business and its industry? Do you know what kind of candidate you actually want to target, and if so, are you reaching them?
Many employers create a separate social media account for recruitment purposes. This presents you with the opportunity to more directly promote careers at your firm and even add to your follower count by exchanging retweets/shares between your company’s career and main accounts.

Choose the most suitable networks

Another crucial consideration is the exact social networks that you use to build up your talent pool. LinkedIn is the most obvious given that it is the most popular network for recruiting, with the features that also lend themselves to hiring.
However, the others have their undoubted strengths – Facebook being a fine place to generate conversations, share information and answer other people’s questions. Twitter, meanwhile, helps you to reach out to the widest range of people, including those not currently following you.

Other vital social media tips

Finally, there’s the matter of how you specifically use social networks to add to your talent pool. Are you targeting the right people? If your firm is on the lookout for graduates, for example, have you connected with the social media accounts of universities or graduate recruitment sites?
Remember that portals like Twitter are great places to communicate all of that information that not only alerts people to your job vacancies, but also helps to filter out the good candidates from the bad. Your social accounts are a key frontier for communicating your employer brand, and the values that constitute it.
Don’t forget, too, the value of reaching out to your present staff via social media. These are the people who can be your brand ambassadors. They can also add further to your wider network, from which you can draw new candidates for your talent pool.
Combined with the most suitable recruitment software, a well-formulated approach to social media could be crucial in connecting with the best candidates.

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