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Is employee turnover always a bad thing?

Written by Guest Author | August 24, 2015 | 0 Comments
People ManagementChances are that many a recruitment consultant in Manchester has told you just how bad high employee turnover is. It disrupts your team, adversely affects morale and costs you a lot of money that you could have just spent on getting the right hire first time around. What could possibly be good about a ‘revolving door’ employment culture?
Well, as it happens, it could just be the key to assembling the right team. Sure, we don’t recommend that you take a reckless approach to recruiting, as it could spell the end of your company.
However, even with the best will and preparation in the world, there’s always a slight sense of trial-and-error to effective hiring.

Sometimes, you just need to change

It happens so often with start-ups, in particular. The ambitious entrepreneur quickly gets a team together that is capable of creating the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) necessary to get in on the market.
Sometimes, such haste is needed, and the people that you take on at this stage may love the thrill of embarking on an exciting new venture and experiencing all of the ups and downs of life in a young company.
But these same people may not be the best ones for the long haul, and you should periodically ask yourself whether the time has come to switch things up to meet your company goals.

Don’t keep inadequate performers on the payroll

Consider, right now, how you would categorise each of your employees in terms of performance. Who are the A-graders, the true stars who will be valuable to your company for a long time to come? Who are the B-players, who diligently do their jobs, but not much else? And who are the worst – the gossipers, whingers and slackers who drag your team down?
The people in that last category, in particular, show the potential value of staff turnover. They might have served your firm well at one point, but if they aren’t now, ship them out – your company will certainly feel the benefits to its morale, productivity and bottom line.
There’s a certain saying in the HR game – that you should “hire slow and fire fast” – and as a leading recruitment consultant in Manchester here at Webrecruit, we certainly don’t disagree with it if you are to keep your company at the absolute top of its game.

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