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Recruitment Marketing: Going Beyond Filling a Vacancy

Written by Guest Author | November 21, 2014 | 0 Comments
Recrutiment-advertisingDoes your organisation have an online presence? Good. In that case, we’re presuming that you’re almost certainly aware of content marketing, and are probably actively engaged in it. But have you considered just how much online marketing has to do with online recruitment?
The two things have a lot in common. Any content marketing expert will tell you that their field of expertise isn’t about shoving any old person in front of a product and service and saying “buy this”. It’s about gathering together, in one place, lots of people who share your company’s values.
From here, a product or service is only presented to them in a way that respects their right to make their own informed decision on whether to purchase from you.

How does this work in recruitment?

Just imagine applying this principle to your hiring – having a pool of people interested in and engaged by your company, even before you have posted a job advert.
That’s where content marketing and recruitment marketing meet. The difference is that you are making your company itself the product, and you aren’t targeting customers, but instead candidates who would be the perfect fit for your organisation.
When we say ‘perfect fit’, we don’t just mean someone who has the technical proficiency for that particular vacancy – we’re talking about someone who really believes in what your company does, to the point of keeping in touch with you and even begging you to give them to chance to work for you.
Do this well, and you’ll have a queue of candidates ready and waiting outside the door, before a vacancy has even been advertised by you.

How to attract the right kind of people

Effective content marketing isn’t merely about a friendly welcome on the company careers site – it’s about building a sense of company culture and trust, spreading awareness of your brand to the right people.
First of all, though, you’ll need to identify the personas of the people that you would like to recruit, and create content aimed at them. You shouldn’t just do this on a one-off basis; it should be central to your longer-term employee engagement strategy, given that you’ll need to retain staff and not just attract them.
To determine what kind of people you want to attract with your recruitment marketing, ask yourself: who are they? What do they do? What is their educational background? What do they aspire to in a career? What would they expect from an employer like you? Who would they work well with, and what is causing them discontent in their current role?
With the right online recruitment marketing, you’ll already have the right people coming to you. That has to be better than working hard to attract people who don’t reflect your company values and are therefore likely to be a poor fit for your firm.

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