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Should you hire someone who ‘just wants a job’?

Written by Guest Author | May 27, 2015 | 0 Comments
shutterstock_2376068952We know what you’re thinking, reading that title. What could be worse than recruiting staff who don’t even specifically want to work for your company?
These are the people, after all, who don’t even carefully research your company and vacancy prior to interview. However, this wouldn’t necessarily make one of them a bad employee.
Quite the opposite could be the case, in fact. It’s ultimately up to you to determine whether that candidate is a good fit regardless.

Before you throw away their CV…

…consider whether the candidate is necessarily a lesser quality one for merely wanting ‘any job’. They may not have researched your company culture, for example, but you can judge yourself whether they would fit in well, on the basis of their previous work environments and experiences.
Ask yourself, too, whether the candidate’s interests and experiences align well with your vacancy, and whether they have a consistent work history. If that’s a ‘yes’ to both questions, you might just have a great quality candidate on your hands who will also stick with your firm.
Oh, and you might want to remind yourself whether your company is even a big, well-known brand that the candidate could be realistically expected to research beforehand. If yours is a smaller firm, there might not be that much information out there anyway.

Other things worth considering

There are a lot of other perfectly good reasons why a candidate could be a great fit for your position, even if they seem to be open to any job.
The person who doesn’t know much about your firm, for instance, may be fortunate enough to have several interviews lined up with different companies. If they’re especially hard workers in their present job, they might have had little time to research your company.
So, it’s important not to mistake an understandable lack of knowledge for disinterest.
But remember that even if the candidate really is just looking for any job, they could still become a top performer for you. Many people in the labour force – maybe most people – don’t know what they want. Until the candidate actually starts working for you, they might not realise how much they’d enjoy it.
Don’t allow unfortunate misconceptions to cloud your view of the person who ‘just wants a job’. Behind the apparent lack of interest, they might still be your next star employee.

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