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Should you offer your candidates flexible hours?

Written by Guest Author | July 1, 2015 | 1 Comment
Job SectorsOne thing that could almost certainly turbo-charge your staff recruitment is the offer of flexible hours – it’s what candidates of pretty much all kinds love. For the employer, though, the appeal of flexible hours may take a little more time to recognise.
Still, the attraction of flexible time for candidates is causing more and more employers to offer it – so should your company do the same?


There’s no shortage of evidence of the considerable positive effect that flexible hours can have on a worker’s job satisfaction.
Candidates appreciate you showing that you have thought about them by offering flexible hours, as it can be such a godsend to those who have children to take to childcare, elderly parents to look after, another job to rush to… you get the idea.
Many of the most suitable candidates for your vacancy may look for the offer of flexible time for reassurance that they will be able to achieve or preserve the right lifestyle while in your employ. It has been known to boost employee loyalty, but even more than that, it can make them more efficient and productive.
Just think of those last few hours of a working day when your star employee is burning company time coordinating their schedules around family members or phoning various babysitters… yep, by offering flexible hours, you can say goodbye to all that.


Can you be sure that adopting flexible hours for all of your employees won’t leave you short of staff at crucial times of the day or week? Many service-oriented companies – such as cafes and restaurants – have little freedom to bend the hours that their staff can work.
You might also find it tricky to schedule group meetings if a lot of your staff are working on a flexible basis. That said, the development of mobile and video conferencing technologies in recent years has helped to make this less of an issue.
There’s also inevitably the risk of a flexible hours policy – especially one that permits ‘infinite holiday time’ like that famously introduced lately by Sir Richard Branson – being abused by employees. However, this should be largely avoidable if the policy has clear guidelines and is only targeted to responsible workers.
A flexible hours policy won’t necessarily make sense for every business, and both the advantages and disadvantages will need to be carefully considered. But if such a policy is implemented well, it might just be your secret weapon in your next staff recruitment drive.

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