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The Anatomy of a Great Candidate Experience

Written by Sophie Down | May 14, 2015 | 0 Comments
When it comes to managing your recruitment, candidates really do matter. Their experience of applying with you is one that can either draw them to your company, or push them away.
The candidate experience can be defined as the perceptions of your applicants based on every interaction they’ve had with your employer brand. The stronger your candidate experience, the less likely you are to invest and rely on third party suppliers, therefore avoiding unnecessary costs.
The following infographic looks at the essential aspects of this experience, covering each element on how to encourage a positive candidate journey.

The Anatomy of a Great Candidate Experience
1. The Journey

Take the time to plan and manage the candidate’s journey, by taking into account each step of the process to ensure it is positive and uncluttered.
First impressions are everything, so consider how your company comes across when candidate first lands on your site and application pages.
A great candidate journey will be smooth with an attractive appearance, as well as being user friendly. So, ensure this is the case at all times by mapping out what the candidate journey looks like, to understand where you need to improve.

2. Social Media

Social media platforms allow you to build engagement with your audience, and can encourage individuals to follow your company. This is therefore a great starting point for potential candidates and where their experience begins, they research your organisation and its values.
Know where your audience is, or where you want to build it, before selecting your social media channel of choice.

3. Communication

How are you communicating with candidates? By text? Email? Think about how you are engaging with them in relation to your company culture.
Also, make sure you are responsive to all candidates, and remember to give them frequent updates. To a candidate, no update is still an update!

4. Give Feedback

One of the most frustrating things for a candidate is a lack of feedback, and good feedback at that. Look to provide your applicants with meaningful feedback on their application if they weren’t successful.

5. Application Process

Ensure to test your applications before they go live to candidates. This is better to be done by a few people, to allow for more perspectives and tests for potential errors.
The process must be straight forward and clear, to avoid any confusion or candidate drop outs during the application being completed.
It’s also important to keep the process under around 5 minutes: a lengthy application can put candidates off.

6. Employer Brand

Strong brands attract the best talent, with 83% of candidates looking beyond pay and benefits when searching for jobs.
Let the candidates know who is contacting them, and avoid sending anonymous automated messages. It helps to keep your company image at the forefront of all candidate communications, to encourage brand consistency.

7. Stay Friendly

Explain each step of the hiring process to the shortlisted candidates, and promote a ‘call me if you need anything’ attitude.
Your interview process is also a vital part of the experience for applicants, as is the role of your existing employees – it only takes seconds leave a negative impression.
And, with competition for talent ever-increasing, there is no better time than now to develop your candidate attraction strategies.
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