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Things to consider when recruiting during the January transfer window

Written by Sophie Down | January 8, 2015 | 0 Comments
Hiring-process-BSThe first month of the year means many things to many people – just ask football (soccer) fans. Whatever the identity of your team, as well as whether it is fighting at the top end of the Premier League or instead the dirty end of the Conference North, it’s only natural as a fan to hope for reinforcements – whether in goal, defence, midfield or attack.
You get the idea – the opening of the January transfer window is big news for clubs ranging from Manchester United to Mansfield. But is it the right time for your own company to recruit staff, or does your squad simply need some hands-on management or rotation?

Making your staff key to your plans

There are many things to consider about your staffing needs as you enter 2015. If you already have employees trying to do the job of 2-3 people while trying to squeeze yet more tasks into their schedule, it might seem obvious that you need to recruit staff, provided that the HR budget allows. However, don’t forget to suitably reward your existing overstretched workers.
When shipping people out, meanwhile, it’s worth remembering that some of your workers may have already established good relationships with clients and customers, and therefore be a welcoming and familiar ‘public face’ of your company. These individuals may be best kept on board.

What approaches to take to your personnel

For your workforce to perform at its best, it needs to have been given solid goals and objectives, in addition to understanding how the achievement of these Busy-business-office-womanwill be measured. Confused workers are unproductive workers, so if you define expectations clearly right from the start, you may find that you extract sufficient value from your existing employees.
Good management of your current personnel also includes guarding against the distractions that are so common in the workplace nowadays, in addition to making sure that employees know the level of importance of a given project.
It is also frequently worth meeting with your team members on a regular basis, so that you can take swift action against any discontent or underperformance and recruit any new staff that may be necessary.

Determining the need for staff changes

Doing-work-two-people-laptop-and-reportingOther companies may be doing this or that with their personnel, but whether you need to do the same depends entirely on your own firm’s situation.
You might already have the right people somewhere within your company to take on its next growth challenges, or you may have a department lacking in certain skills or experience. You may simply need to modify existing plans to get the most out of your personnel.
It can make an immense difference to your firm to recruit staff, but any manager still needs to make the right decisions.

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