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What difference could Snapchat make to recruiting staff?

Written by Lucy Heskins | August 1, 2014 | 0 Comments
Snapchat for Recruitment?OK, so it’s hardly the most obvious social media tool for recruitment. The likes of LinkedIn, Twitter and maybe even Google+ will always come to mind first for recruiting staff. So how could this fun little photo messaging app be of any use to you as a hiring manager?
Well, the mere fact that it has become so popular over the past year – being one of 2013’s most frequently downloaded free iPhone apps – makes it worth investigating. In a time-pressed world where you need information about candidates quicker than ever, the idea of users sending you a photo or 10 second clip instead of a bulky CV and covering letter may have a certain appeal.

How you might use Snapchat

With Snapchat allowing companies to offer customers vouchers to increase loyalty, you might see some interesting applications for recruiting staff. You might offer a Snapchat voucher to be spent on one of your products or services when someone refers their friend to your vacancy. It means you’re potentially boosting sales and brand loyalty as well as gaining a candidate. What’s not to love?
Or why not create and send interesting job advert pictures or videos to the kind of candidates who might not normally check your online careers page? It’s certainly one way of testing the inventiveness of your marketing/social media team. You could also send exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of your workplace and its employees, which all helps to make your company seem more desirable to work for.
But possibly the finest use of Snapchat for recruiting staff is inviting candidates to get creative themselves, particularly relevant if you are advertising a creative/digital vacancy. Receiving 10 second Snapchat ‘pitches’ for the job could certainly add interest to your recruitment process.

But it’s far from the complete solution… yet

Snapchat has its obvious downsides as a recruitment tool, including its whole raison d’être – the expiry within 10 seconds of all images and videos sent – which makes it impossible to return to and reassess candidate entries later on. The app’s audience is also very young – around 13-25 – making it suitable only for junior/entry-level roles.
These drawbacks mean that Snapchat is still far from essential to staff recruitment. Still, it has a lot of potential and popularity, so who knows how hiring managers could be using it in years to come?

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