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What should you look for in an inexperienced Millennial?

Written by Sophie Down | June 10, 2015 | 0 Comments
sales presentationFor a firm like yours, staff recruitment in Leeds may seem tricky. But just bear a thought for those who apply for roles with your company – particularly the younger generation.
In your own early 20s, you might have walked into a pretty decent job straight out of university and built up from there. However, the competition seems so much worse today for the average Millennial seeking their first role.
The typical Millennial – someone born roughly between the early 1980s and the early 2000s – might need a little more understanding from you as a recruiter, due to their comparatively little professional experience at an age when you might have been well on the way to the boardroom.

Things to seek in lieu of work experience

The candidate in question may have seemingly ‘only’ had a retail job or distributed flyers at their university students’ union before turning up at your company. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they lack the right skills for your vacancy.
You just need to find the evidence of those skills. Maybe the person was a top sporting performer at their university, for which they were required to be a key member of a team? Or maybe they’ve worked in a call centre or as a tour guide, so are therefore good at developing a rapport with other people?
What about lengthy time periods spent in sometimes unglamorous, but vital roles? This signals commitment, loyalty and competence. Extra-curricular activities are also good to see on a CV, but look for depth rather than breadth here. The candidate having been the leader of a club or society, for example, is a good sign.

It isn’t all about the CV

The CV isn’t necessarily the only place where you’ll find evidence of a Millennial’s ability to succeed with your company. Has the candidate gone through hardship in their upbringing, for example? In that case, they’re less likely to show that stereotypical Millennial sense of entitlement, and more likely to be humble and espouse a strong work ethic.
What about maturity? Does the applicant show wisdom beyond their years in how they listen and respond to you and articulate their points? Characteristics like maturity, composure and confidence certainly help to compensate for inexperience.
Don’t forget that ultimately, potential counts for more than experience – it’s just up to you to identify and make the most of that potential in a candidate. Take an enlightened approach to your staff recruitment in Leeds rather than always expecting the finished article, and you could just find an amazing new hire.

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