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Mobile optimised recruitment tech: FREE Download

Written by Kimberley Startup | May 15, 2014 | 0 Comments
recruitment technologyWith the proliferation of mobile device ownership and the continual rise in candidates conducting mobile job searches, the recruitment landscape is changing.
Now we’ve set the scene… Are you aware of how many good candidates you are potentially losing out on by not having an optimised mobile optimised process in place?
A recent statistic released from LinkedIn revealed that, 72% of active candidates and 62% of passive candidates have visited a company site on their mobile to learn about careers.
This statistic highlights the increasing trend of ‘job searching on-the-go’, and those organisations which fail to capitalise on this emerging trend may run the risk of losing out on the best talent.
If you’re considering how mobile optimised recruitment technology can benefit your talent selection process, you’ll be pleased to hear that Webrecruit has put together a free guide for you to download covering 7 things to consider when purchasing mobile optimised recruitment technology.
Here are the first three considerations when purchasing mobile recruitment technology (you can download the rest, here).

1.    Company Profile

Invest in mobile recruitment technology that will work best for your needs and can be tailored.
Look at examples of mobile career sites designed by the supplier previously, and ask for a demonstration of the back office from both a desktop and mobile device. Remember, the interface for HR/recruitment team should be as user friendly as the career site itself.

2.    Ease of Use

Your team should be able to use your mobile recruitment technology easily, with minimal training.
You may find some suppliers offer a range of unnecessary features, which could prove confusing. Ultimately, what is most important is whether it is easy to set up, intuitive, and requires minimal maintenance.

 3.    Candidate Experience

Candidates are not only increasingly using mobile devices as part of their job search, but the utilisation of mobile technology is now affecting their behaviour during the process.
You will lose candidates if they have a poor user experience with an applicant tracking system that is poorly optimised. For example, if they have to endure a lengthy and frustrating process – perhaps because of too many clicks or slow performance – they will abandon the application and leave your site.
Discover all 7 of Webrecruit’s key considerations when purchasing mobile recruitment technology, plus a comprehensive list of questions to ask your potential supplier, to ensure you invest in the best recruitment technology for you and your team.

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