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10 quick ways to get the most out of Facebook

Written by Kimberley Startup | December 5, 2012 | 1 Comment

Social recruitment, social media recruitment, social media, social, Facebook, Facebook recruitment, human resources, HR, Company Facebook page, Employers, Hiring Managers, recruit staff, staff recruitment, online recruitmentBy now, I’m sure you have heard that Facebook has launched a new job board app, heralding a new era of online recruiting.

The long-awaited interactive job board currently aggregates 1.7 million openings from recruitment companies working on the platform, including Jobvite and

Like a job board, candidates can search for vacancies by location, industry and skills. They can then apply directly through Facebook and share the jobs to their own social network.

Whilst the future of the app is yet to be determined, the potential for Facebook to play a part in a company’s hiring strategy is too hard to ignore.

From promoting your company brand to driving referral traffic to your company website, there are many ways you can effectively use Facebook to recruit.

Here are 10 quick ways to get more out of Facebook and help you on your quest to identify your next star employee.

1. Make your company page the heart of your audience and produce a steady steam of engaging content focused on the people you want to reach

2. Share photos that showcase your culture, values, employees and work environment – offer a visual of what it’s like to work for your company

3. Ask employees to send out job postings (with links back to your careers site) to their networks to reach a wider audience

4. Use the ‘build audience’ function at the top of your page to promote your jobs

5. Be creative. Entice people to check out your job postings by linking them to interesting articles or quotes

6. Limit postings to just a few times per week. You don’t want to run the risk of being blocked by users for spamming people

7. Respond to questions with a human touch. Be helpful and post relevant, useful content

8. Ask your network to share content and ideas with you to build engagement, relationships, and ultimately, a talent pool

9. Let your employees use it at work – they need to feel comfortable using Facebook as a professional tool where they can build connections

10. Don’t assume that Facebook etiquette is different from regular social interactions. If you wouldn’t do it, say it or share it in person, don’t do it, say it or share it on Facebook

The wealth of functionality Facebook offers as a valuable tool for hiring managers leaves little discussion of whether it is a good recruiting medium. The question now is how long will it be until you get started?

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