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10 tips to enhance your engineering recruitment strategy

Written by Kimberley Startup | February 25, 2014 | 1 Comment
Engineering-Jobs-300x198When it comes to mapping out a strategy for your engineering recruitment, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the advice available.
Attracting, developing and retaining talented engineers is a huge task, and one that often comes up in the industry as a concern for many companies.
To attract great talent for your engineering recruitment, you need to carve out your company as an employer of choice.
To aid you with this task, Webrecruit has created this list of 10 top tips to attract the best talent with your engineering recruitment:
1. Promote your company’s career paths. Why should someone choose your company to pursue their career in engineering? Highlight the stages they can expect to take as they work up through your company.
2. Do you offer an internship programme? If yes, make the most of promoting it- visit local colleges and universities and ensure that your company is fresh in new graduates’ minds.
3. Consider advertising your recruitment across the globe. In September 2013, Sir James Dyson, the inventor of the eponymous vacuum cleaner, was quoted saying “a lack of UK engineers was the ‘biggest barrier’ to growth” at his company.
4. We all know diversity promotes creativity; however, the engineering industry is still a heavily male dominated industry. Work on how to position your company to female engineers. Having a broader variety of employees will give your company a competitive edge over the competition.
5. Social media is a great networking tool. Platforms such as LinkedIn are a great place to connect and engage with candidates. Are you aware of the platforms used by engineering candidates? A quick search of LinkedIn shows there are over 25,000 groups focused around the engineering sector.
6. Host or sponsor an engineering talk or event; you have the potential to advertise your company to passive candidates.
7. When writing your job advertisement copy, make sure you use industry and role keywords to maximum effect, to ensure that candidates can easily find your role.
8. When considering where to advertise your engineering recruitment, ensure that you use a mix of platforms. Jobseekers search in many different ways; use a mix of job boards and social media, careers sites and your own database.
9. Partnering with professional associations is an excellent way to identify talent and encourage these candidates to join your business.
10. Salaries are a key driver for many jobseekers, but if you are unable to offer salaries at the higher end of the scale, fear not. If it comes to salary or the benefit of opportunities within the business, many candidates will learn towards opportunities. Highlight them throughout your recruitment advertising and process to entice candidates who are driven by them.
If you’re looking to enhance your strategy for your engineering recruitment, Webrecruit recommends taking the time to re-look at your approach using these 10 tips. For further guidance or to find out how Webrecruit help many companies with their engineering recruitment request a brochure today.

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