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2 ways to get candidates to notice your company online

Written by Guest Author | November 12, 2015 | 1 Comment
Recruitment companiesThe online space has certainly made a massive difference to how recruitment companies do their work – and it should make a big difference to your own organisation’s hiring practices, too.
What do we mean by that? Well, at the very least, you should be making your opportunities ‘discoverable’ by potential candidates on the web.
The quicker it takes great candidates to find your vacancy, the sooner the hiring process can begin in earnest – so don’t underestimate either of the below methods for achieving exactly that.

1. Infuse your job adverts with keywords

Search engine optimisation may not be quite as keyword-oriented as it once was, but using the right search terms can still be of immense help in getting candidates to actually notice your postings in Google.
Just think of what kinds of things your dream candidate will likely type into Google when they search for jobs like the one you are offering. What phrases, skills and job responsibilities are they likely to search for?
If you’re stumped as to what keywords to use, consult relevant department heads in your company or even ask current employees in similar roles how they would describe what they do.

2. Make the most of social media

You could literally say that everyone is on social media – well, almost everyone. Amid predictions that a third of the global population will have a social media presence by the end of this year, it has never been more important – or productive – to tap into its potential.
It goes without saying, then, that your candidates will be almost certainly using social media too, especially those especially tech-proficient Millennials who spend so much time wedded to their smartphones.
As a matter of fact, so ingrained is social media in the wider recruitment sphere these days, that you simply won’t attract many top candidates unless you use it.
Your company’s social media recruitment campaign doesn’t necessarily need to be the most complicated thing. You might simply tweet links to job postings, share your organisation’s careers page on Facebook or embed a video that communicates your company culture and/or what the job is about.
What you definitely can’t do, is ignore social media. Remember that social media recruitment works best when you take a genuinely social approach, replying to those job seekers who communicate with you on the your pages and giving them the encouragement to apply.
What other ways have you found to draw in more of the best candidates for your job postings online? Feel free to tell us below!

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