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3 Areas of Recruitment Advertising You Need to be Focusing on in 2016

Written by Holly Watson | January 6, 2016 | 0 Comments
recruitment advertisingJanuary is a time where people not only reflect but also look forward to what the year ahead has in store for them. It’s a brilliant time to assess your recruitment activities, as well as thinking about what you should improve on over the next year.
So, why not make this the time to really focus on your recruitment advertising strategy?
It can be tempting to place more emphasis on the interviewing and selecting stages of the recruitment process, rather than the advertising stage. However, taking the time to refine these processes now will pave the way for recruitment success over the next year, hopefully making your role that little bit easier.
But what are the main areas you should be focusing your efforts on?
Webrecruit takes a look at three key elements of recruitment advertising that you should seriously consider investing more time and energy in.

1. Refining your job board selection

Using the right mix of advertising sources is crucial to attract the right candidates.
Candidate behaviour is constantly changing and there’s a great deal of conflicting information out there about what advertising sources really work.
Some job boards are decreasing in popularity and others are increasing, for example, aggregators such as Indeed are more powerful than ever and LinkedIn is maintaining its strong reputation. The advertising market can change quickly and it’s more important than ever to know which sources will work for your vacancies.
Make sure that you’re getting the right information from your suppliers – ask for breakdowns of application numbers by industry sector or location. And just remember, it’s not all about quantity; focus on the sources that will deliver you high quality applications.
If you’re looking for some advice or guidance on setting up job board contracts, read our blog, Questions to Ask When Setting up a Recruitment Advertising Contract or, alternatively, download The 2016 Guide to Online Recruitment Advertising.
Alternatively, if you lack the time to manage these job board contracts yourself, Webrecruit has got you covered. We work with a wide range of advertising sources, including job boards, aggregators and LinkedIn, to ensure that your vacancies get the maximum exposure, whilst managing these contracts for you.

2. Crafting the perfect job advertrecruitment advertising

You’ve thought about where your vacancy will be advertised; now it’s time to think about the advert itself.
It’s important to do everything you can to attract the right candidates – and what better place to start than with your job advert?
Your online job advert will be the first impression that candidates have of your business and a poor advert is likely to prompt them to quickly click off the page.
Make sure that you put effort into creating your job advert. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a writing expert – just make sure that your advert is simple, concise, provides candidates with some basic information and sells the opportunity.
If you’re struggling, Webrecruit’s in house team of Copywriters are there for you. We create optimised job adverts using a tried and tested format that typically attract 60% more applicants than competitors.
Interested in learning more about the dos and don’ts of great recruitment advertising copy? Read our blog, 10 Misconceptions about Recruitment Advertising.

Recruitment advertising3. Getting your brand out there

The importance of employer branding is something that more and more businesses are becoming aware of.
In fact, 72% of UK talent acquisition leaders cited that employer branding has a significant impact on hiring, according to LinkedIn’s 2015 UK Recruiting Trends report.
As the market has become candidate-driven once again, it’s increasingly important for companies to get their employer brand out there as early as possible in the recruitment process to attract candidates.
Let’s start with your recruitment advertising campaign.
Branding is a fantastic way of attracting applicants to your vacancy. By putting your company’s own personal stamp on your recruitment campaigns, you’re able to set your business apart from its competitors with ease.
But how can you communicate your employer brand within your recruitment advertising?
Think about your culture and injecting your values and brand into your adverts. For more information about this, read our blog, 5 Ways to Communicate Your Company Culture in Your Recruitment Advert.
Alternatively, check out our blog, 5 Brilliant Ways to Brand your Recruitment Campaigns.
Interested in learning how Webrecruit’s Talent Finder service can assist you with your recruitment advertising? Find out more.

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