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3 reasons why your company should always be hiring

Written by Guest Author | November 5, 2014 | 0 Comments
HandshakeIt is often said by career experts to job hunters that they should always keep an active lookout for that next big opportunity. Does the same apply to your company in its search for candidates?
In a word: yes. Your organisation may not have a vacancy right now, but that doesn’t prevent you actively looking for top candidates and building an in-depth talent pool to draw from when an opening does come up.
That’s something that can be done with the right applicant tracking system like our own WR-Fusion software. Here are a few reasons why constantly hiring is such a great idea.

1. You’ll be prepared for when a position does open up

Even if you think your company will be well-stocked with talent for a while, it only takes one important defection to suddenly find yourself back in the recruitment market.
When that does happen, you’ll want to be able to bring in someone else with a similar skill set at the shortest notice, so as to avoid unwanted interruption to business activities. Let potential candidates know that you’ll keep their details, just in case you have an opening to offer them in future.

2. The opportunity to take a marketer’s approach to hiring

When a person needs to buy a new pair of shoes or a similar essential item, it’s likely that they will already have a few favourite brands in mind. They won’t necessarily have bought these brands before – they might have merely seen relevant advertising or heard gleaming reviews from friends or family.
There’s a lesson here to apply to your hiring. Make potential candidates aware of your business, and they may just include you in their ‘consideration set’ when they are next looking for an opening.

3. The maintenance of a fresh talent pool 

Who wants a protracted and difficult recruitment process? It could happen to your company if the right person just isn’t out there when you next need to hire – unless you’ve built up a good talent pool in advance. This will allow you to quickly pick out good, ready-made candidates.
The applicant tracking system of our own WR-Fusion recruitment software is the perfect solution for building talent pools. This allows you to keep a convenient database of candidates that you can reach for when you next need it.
By always keeping an eye out for the best candidates even when you aren’t in a position to hire, you’ll find it so much easier to pinpoint the right person when you do have a vacancy.

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