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3 simple steps to a more effective hiring process

Written by Guest Author | March 24, 2016 | 0 Comments
Recruitment advertising agencyGetting the right people through your company’s door can be very hard – after all, if it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be so many firms using a recruitment advertising agency like Webrecruit.
However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some very simple measures that can be adopted to remove a lot of the stress and slog from your own organisation’s hiring process. Here are just three basic steps that you can take to fill your company’s vacancy so much sooner and more easily.

1. Make sure your job posting is doing its job

Before you consider more arcane things as background checks or group interviews, ask yourself whether your recruitment advertising is even doing what it should be doing.
Your job posting is, after all, the foundation of your recruitment process. It should therefore clearly, accurately and concisely detail what the role actually requires, as well as such other important information as remuneration and your company culture.
Provide enough detail for jobseekers to make an informed decision on whether to apply for your vacancy, and you can avoid wasting both your and their time.

2. Take the right approach to your interviews

A good interview from an employer’s perspective shouldn’t just consist of a list of vaguely-considered questions. That’s because it should actually have a unique and defined purpose, with certain competencies that it has been specifically structured and tailored to find.
Have your interviewers at least all discussed beforehand what would constitute a good or bad answer to a particular question, given the wider organisation’s requirements? How is the decision to be made on who to invite for the next round of interviewing, and if a different team is to do the next interview, have you briefed and passed your findings onto them?

3. Adopt transparency throughout the process

Stop hiding away all mention of salary from your job advertising and early interviews, only for your great candidate to drop out at a large stage because it took you too long to tell them of your overly low wage offer.
Sure, you may not want the candidate to decide against your opportunity purely on the basis of money, but you can still give them a rough figure early on to make sure both you and the candidate are thinking along similar lines. At the very least, don’t treat your candidates like idiots, as they will expect transparency if and when they work for you, too.
Recruiting someone should be exciting – a chance to welcome a new person with fresh skills, experiences and perspectives to your company. So, why make your hiring process unnecessarily longwinded and arduous? Drop a line to Webrecruit now if you are seeking a new and more effective recruitment advertising agency.

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