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3 things that you need to do when recruiting staff

Written by Guest Author | November 28, 2017 | 0 Comments
Recruiting staffThe recruitment of new employees is a necessarily multi-faceted process – doing things the same old familiar ways, drawing upon the same old staff with the same old skills, likely won’t deliver your company the great hiring results that you need to get ahead in your industry.
So, here are just three things that you should do when recruiting staff.

1. Make the candidate experience as good as possible

If you treat the candidate as a second-class citizen who doesn’t deserve the same respect as your present employees, are they likely to relish taking up a job with you even if you make them an offer?
What about if they don’t get the job – they’re hardly going to say the most favourable things about your company to their colleagues and contacts in your industry, are they?
By contrast, if you take all of the right steps to make your candidate experience as good as it can be – by showing up on time and well-prepared for candidate interviews, for example, and warmly introducing them to the rest of your team – you can send out an extraordinarily powerful signal.
That signal is that your organisation is a firmly people-oriented one – one that treats future staff well even before they have officially become a part of the company.

2. Be collaborative in your hiring

Your new employee is hardly likely to be working in a vacuum, so why should the hiring manager be the sole person involved in the decision to recruit them?
We’re not saying that every member of the prospective new staffer’s department should be required to approve the decision to take them on before you do so.
However, you should at least consult your team for their thoughts on what skills and experiences the person who fills your vacancy will ultimately need to have.

3. Craft compelling and accurate job descriptions

Sure, so not all jobs are very glamorous, and your own open vacancy may not exactly come with the offer of a complimentary gym membership or hefty bonuses. But what’s the point of dressing up the role as something different to what it is?
After all, doing that simply heightens the risk of ending up with someone who is poorly-matched to the job – whether that’s in the sense of being unable to fulfil their duties to the standard required, or being faced with a role rather below the expectations your job description gave them.
The above steps may seem to be ‘common sense’ or ‘obvious’ to some people, but the truth is that these elements are still far too frequently ignored or overlooked by those recruiting staff.
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