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3 ways to get new employees quickly hired and up to speed

Written by Guest Author | January 11, 2017 | 0 Comments
Staff recruitmentIf more than three weeks regularly pass at your company between making the decision to employ someone new and actually hiring someone, this urgently needs to be addressed – to say nothing of how poor onboarding can also make it hard to get your new employees quickly productive.
Overly lengthy recruitment and onboarding processes mean a longer wait for new staff to deliver productivity. However, below, we detail three simple ways to trim that wait.

First, consider referrals from current employees

If you already have a lot of faith in your current team, as we certainly hope you do, you can also have a lot of faith in their recommendations of who to add to your ranks.
You will want to be confident that a new recruit is not only reliable, but also a good fit for your company’s culture. While you can’t rely on referrals for all of your fresh recruits, they remain a trustworthy source of quality leads.

Prepare workflows for employees before recruiting them

Workflows are processes for tasks that your company has completed on a repeated basis and will continue undertaking again and again. You already know which processes tend to provide the best results; therefore, routinely adhering to familiar workflows can reduce friction in your workplace.
You should keep this in mind as you make a note of each step that a new employee needs to take on their first day with you. You could find that it helps to recall everything you wish you were told on your own first day.
What tools will the new person need? To whom should they be introduced? Which parts of the premises should they be permitted to explore? These are just some of the vital questions to ask yourself at this stage.

Warmly welcome new staff with group activities

What exactly these activities should entail can be largely your decision. However, one idea we suggest is bringing both your new people and established workforce together before subjecting the latter to trivia questions about those who have only recently joined. Where did they grow up? What are their hobbies and favourite things? These are just some good example questions.
This activity can provide a great ice-breaker and help the new recruits to bond more quickly with the people with whom they will be working.
However, long before then, our team here at Webrecruit can help you to kick-start your staff recruitment endeavours, thanks to our various solutions for sourcing talent. Simply contact our team today for more information about our leading solutions to assist your hiring.

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