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3 Ways to Take Control of Your Recruitment in 2016

Written by Holly Watson | January 20, 2016 | 0 Comments
recruit staffWhen you’re used to using traditional agencies to recruit staff, things can not only get expensive but it can also leave you feeling like you’ve lost control of your recruitment advertising.
The beginning of a new year is a great time to start taking some of that power back. Okay, you might lack the budget and resource to build a fully blown direct sourcing plan but there are positive steps you can take in the meantime.
Start to take control of your online recruitment advertising over the next year by making small changes. Webrecruit suggests taking the following actions:

 1. Pinpoint what you want to achieverecruit staff

Identifying what you want, or need, to change is an important first step to take. Think about your end goal – do you want to transition to 100% direct sourcing? Or maybe you want to significantly decrease the average time it takes for your business to make a hire?
Next, think about your biggest challenges in your recruitment process at the moment. Maybe you have a particular area of recruitment which is weak. Or perhaps you’re unsure of which job boards you should be using?
Whatever challenges you face, it’s important to identify them and start working towards a resolution.
For example, if you’re unsure of which advertising sources you should use, start to gather performance data on each job board to find out which sources will work best for you.

recruit staff2. Focus more on the important stages of recruitment

We all know that recruitment isn’t as straightforward as sourcing and hiring candidates. Each campaign requires hours of time spent creating job adverts, managing job board contracts, filtering CVs, screening candidates and interviewing.
If you’re currently paying traditional recruiters large fees to do this for you, why not simply outsource the time draining tasks but take control of the important areas: spending your time assessing and interviewing skilled candidates.
With Webrecruit’s advertising service, Talent Finder, we’ll manage the advertising of your vacancies, filter the responses and present you with a list of high quality candidates for you to assess, interview and hire as you deem suitable. This will save you hours in time and will allow you take control of the most important areas of recruiting.
Find out how we have helped our clients to save time by reading some of our latest case studies.

recruit staff3. Discover the benefits of basic recruitment technology

Recruitment software is becoming something that more and more companies are choosing to invest in. You might not be ready for a full-blown applicant tracking system yet but basic recruitment technology can really help you to take control of your hiring activities.
Webrecruit offers access to our candidate management software, Fusion, which enables you to log in and view shortlisted applications for your vacancies. No more requesting CVs from agencies or having to manually pass them on to individual hiring managers within your business. Everyone can simply log in to the same portal and view applications for themselves.
Looking to start taking control of your own recruitment? Read Webrecruit’s 2016 Guide to Online Recruitment Advertising to find out everything you need to know to run a successful recruitment campaign.

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