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3 ways you could be putting off great candidates

Written by Guest Author | November 12, 2015 | 0 Comments
Recruitment softwareEven your company having the right recruitment software on board doesn’t necessarily guarantee consistent hiring success, with failure often attributable to a lack of appreciation of how the process is experienced by the candidate.
After all, just put yourself in the candidate’s shoes, and think about how nerve-wracking it was for you to apply for certain jobs when you were just starting out. If there was also a communication mix-up or other extra source of anxiety, you might have been deterred from applying at all.
Below are three of the most common ways employers put off perfectly worthy candidates.

Having an overly long and tedious process

Are you forcing your candidates to work through page after page after page of a dense application form to apply for a job with you? Have you ever considered that until you slim it down, many potentially amazing candidates won’t even bother?
Sure, it’s good to get a candidate to take the process seriously – but don’t make everything so drawn-out and mind-numbing that the applicant begins to feel you are disrespecting their time.

Providing insufficient information about the job

There is a lot of factors about your vacancy that can make a big difference to its level of appeal to potential candidates.
If, therefore, your job advertisement doesn’t mention something that is actually quite important, such as the full range of job tasks, the actual likely salary or an indication of the general company culture, you might not attract all of the top quality applicants that you otherwise would.
Even those candidates who do apply may be left with false impressions due to the lack of information.

Failing to keep candidates updated

Past studies have suggested that a large proportion of applicants aren’t even kept informed on the progress of their application – the job is taken by someone else without them knowing.
If, like many employers, you don’t respond to all of your job applicants, there might be perfectly good reasons for that – such as a simple lack of time – but even so, you really should consider the potential adverse effect on your company reputation.
Many failed candidates have spoken in the past of being less likely to buy from businesses with which they had a bad experience. You should therefore, at the very least, consider having an email template for keeping all of your candidates updated on the status of their application, if possible.
What all three of the above really boil down to, is the level of respect that you have for your job candidates. Treat your candidates well, and they will have a positive experience that will also have a positive knock-on effect for your company.

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