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4 Considerations for Securing Stakeholder Buy-In for Recruitment Software

Written by Kimberley Startup | May 19, 2015 | 0 Comments
people-logging-onGetting your stakeholders to see value and invest in recruitment software for your organisation can be a challenge. But, challenge or not, getting them all on board is a must.
An excellent way to get your stakeholders to listen is to present your case in a professional format. For this, Webrecruit advises building out a business case.
But with so much focus on the document itself it can be easy to forget the people it is intended for.
With this said, Webrecruit share it’s top 4 considerations for securing stakeholder buy-in for recruitment software:

1. Make it understandable

easy-to-understandWhen considering how to present recruitment software to your stakeholders, don’t get carried away with the details. Yes it is great to highlight the extra benefits it can bring, but keep your pitch focused.
And, remember that although your stakeholders understand the main function of your department, they are not as accustomed to the exact processes you go through.
Keep the language used simple; avoid internal jargon and complex explanations around the functionality of the software.

2. Consider stakeholders individually

new-person-icon-2-no-faceThe key stakeholders within your business will all be driving towards a set of high level objectives. In addition to this they will each have their own set of objectives within their divisions.
Consider how recruitment software will work to support the objectives of each stakeholder at division level.
For further explanation, take this as an example: – a division objective for your IT department might be improving response time in relation to technical queries. Therefore, when pitching to them highlight if your software comes with a support service as standard.

3. Get creative

You have the wording, the facts and all the figures, so now comes the task of presenting your information. Remember people purchase packaging.
As your stakeholders are all invested in your brand, you can use this to tailor the presentation of your business case to appeal to them.
Work with your marketing team and get some guidance on branding colours and graphics that will help make your business case easy on the eye of your stakeholders.

4. Pitch it perfectly

Really like to impress? Then consider how you deliver it or present it to each stakeholder individually.
Once you have created the body of content for your business case, mixing up how it is presented is a fairly easy task. If your IT stakeholder likes imagery, break it up for him/her by adding in some graphics.
Or, if your finance stakeholder likes to take things in at his or her leisure then don’t opt for emailing it to them. Instead print them out a copy to take away and read in a relaxed environment.
Getting buy-in for recruitment software can be a challenge.  These 4 considerations will help you further when tailoring your argument for the people within your business.
Need some extra help in building your business case for recruitment software?
Our recent guide – How to build a business case for recruitment software, has been created for HR professionals who need a hand with putting together a robust argument.
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