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4 ways to hire both fast and well

Written by Guest Author | March 7, 2016 | 0 Comments
recruitment process managementThe magic formula for recruitment process management will always be one that gets the right new employees through your door, quickly. It’s certainly a tough thing to achieve, but is it impossible? Not exactly.
After all, it isn’t always external factors – such as a lack of suitable talent available for a particular position – that prevent firms from hiring both fast and well. Sometimes, you may unwittingly get things wrong by focusing for too long on an inappropriate candidate, or dithering over someone who could be the perfect fit for the role.
So without further ado, here are four ways to add both speed and competence to your recruitment process management.

1. Be clear about who should do the work

So many recruiting teams significantly damage the effectiveness and efficiency of their hiring process simply by not clarifying – prior to the writing of a job description and person specification – who they should even be looking for.
You should ask yourself, then, not only what the truly essential qualities and skills are for the job, but also for how long and how regularly those qualities and skills will be required, and whether the close management of this person will be necessary, or they will instead be able to work effectively on their own.

2. Focus on where the talent actually is

Are you searching for talent on a general job board when you would be better off on LinkedIn or an industry-specific jobs portal? What about geographical location – are the candidates that best suit your vacancy in short supply in your local area? If so, could a freelancer or remote worker from further afield be the wisest choice?

3. Take in-built delays out of the hiring process

Sometimes, organisations just don’t realise the many opportunities that they have to streamline their hiring process. They don’t see the scope for consolidating paperwork, for example, by incorporating references into the initial application process rather than at a later stage.
Your firm may also benefit from establishing a more efficient process for reviewing CVs, conducting any necessary skills assessments prior to scheduling interviews, and restricting the number of candidate interviewers to the most important decision-makers.

4. Take a swifter approach to onboarding

This tip is especially pertinent to those hiring freelancers or other independent professionals who aren’t tied down to a contract – the sooner you can get the onboarding process done, the surer you can be that your new hire will still be available when the project starts.
Automation has, in recent years, helped to significantly cut down the length of time taken up by onboarding, while still covering all of the essential elements and providing full visibility of the process.
Hiring fast and accurately is by no means impossible with these simple tips – and if you would appreciate further advice on how to refine your recruitment process management, our experts at Webrecruit are available at the other end of the phone.

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